Vib Gonzalez

Kate Bieri (August 17, 2017). Las Cruces Public Schools have two gender-neutral bathrooms, but no transgender bathroom policy. (Archive)

Vib Gonzalez is a board member for the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico.

Justin Tyler Calhoun

Gwen Filosa (August 17, 2017). A stripper said he was a ‘cannibal,’ then killed him with a pen and a dresser drawer, police say. (Archive)

Also known as Justin Calhoun

Nikki Shah-Brar

Peter Kiefer , Chris Gardner (August 17, 2017). Transgender Students Test L.A.’s All-Girls Schools. (Archive)

Joy Resmovits (August 7, 2017). A transgender 8-year-old sues a private school, saying it didn’t let her be the girl she is. (Archive)

Dominic Holden (August 3, 2017). This 8-Year-Old Transgender Girl Is Suing Her Private School For Discrimination. (Archive)

Also known as Nicole Brar

Holly Boswell

Kristina Marusic (August 16, 2017). Trans Pioneer Holly Boswell, Who Created The Transgender Symbol, Passes Away At 66. (Archive)

Beth Walton (May 20, 2016). Living transgender: Life beyond the confines of a pronoun. (Archive)

Gemma Hickey

Donalee Moulton (August 17, 2017). NL Supreme Court to hear first case for non-binary birth certificate. (Archive)

The Canadian Press (July 28, 2017). Court to hear N.L. activist’s bid for non-binary birth certificate this fall. (Archive)

The Canadian Press (July 28, 2017). Case for non-binary birth certificates back in court today. (Archive)

Lauren Strapagiel (July 11, 2017). These Canadians Are Fighting To Get Nonbinary Birth Certificates. (Archive)

Avneet Dhillon (June 23, 2017). Gender identity battle heads to court, after birth certificate request denied. (Archive)

Rosie Mullaley (June 23, 2017). Transgender activist takes legal action to have ‘non-binary’ option on birth certificate. (Archive)

The Canadian Press (June 23, 2017). Activist vying for non-binary birth certificate taking N.L. to court. (Archive)

Jessica Smith Cross, The Canadian Press (May 18, 2017). Gender-neutral birth certificates could be issued in Ontario by 2018. (Archive)

Stephanie Kinsella (March 18, 2017). A little Shakespeare, a little fiddle: New St. John’s show tackles transgender youth issues. (Archive)

Gemma Hickey is the executive director of For The Love of Learning, an arts-based non-profit group that works with at-risk youth.

Jennifer Peace

Tom Philpott (August 17, 2017). Transgender military left on ledge weeks after Trump tweets. (Archive)

Julie Mazziotta (August 11, 2017). 8 Transgender Military Members Share How Trump’s Proposed Ban Will Change Their Lives. (Archive)

Chris Johnson (August 2, 2017). Trans troops continue their service as Trump threatens expulsion. (Archive)

Dave Cullen (August 2, 2017). “Betrayal”: Transgender Troops React to Trump’s Ban. (Archive)

Editorial Board (July 29, 2017). Trump transgender ban dishonors JBLM troops. (Archive)

Nina Shapiro (July 27, 2017). ‘I’ll be here as long as I can,’ says transgender JBLM Army captain. (Archive)

KCPQ (July 27, 2017). Transgender Army Captain: ‘I am a soldier. It’s all I know. It’s all I want to do’. (Archive)

Jamie Tompkins (July 26, 2017). Transgender Army captain: ‘This is who I am. I am a soldier. It’s all I want to do’. (Archive)

Adam Lynn (June 30, 2016). Transgender JBLM soldier: Pentagon action evokes ‘an incredible feeling’. (Archive)

Fiona Dawson (June 30, 2016). Trans Service Members Detail Historic Meeting With Defense Secretary. (Archive)

Adam Ashton (November 1, 2015). JBLM transgender soldier anxiously awaits Army reforms. (Archive)

Adam Ashton (October 03, 2015). JBLM transgender soldier endures ‘excruciating’ wait for Army reforms. (Archive) (Archive)

Jamie Kruger

Abe Aboraya (August 17, 2017). An Orlando Man’s Race To Transition Before Trump Ends Transgender Insurance Protections. (Archive)

Philippa York

Steven Brocklehurst (August 17, 2017). Philippa York: ‘I’m fine with who I am’. (Archive)

Anthea Levi (July 10, 2017). Tour de France Champion Tells Fans She’s Transgender. (Archive)

Tom Cary (July 8, 2017). Cycling cult hero Robert Millar’s tale of sex change is heartening but sad. (Archive)

Philippa York (July 8, 2017). A statement from Cyclingnews contributor Philippa York. (Archive)

Jake Viswanath (July 7, 2017). Tour de France Champ Comes Out as Transgender Woman. (Archive)

William Fotheringham (July 6, 2017). Philippa York: ‘I’ve known I was different since I was a five-year-old’. (Archive)

Robert McAulay (July 6, 2017). PHILIPPA’S TV GIG Transgender Scots cycling hero Robert Millar – now Philippa York – working as a TV pundit for ITV 4. (Archive)

Previously known as Robert Millar