Julisa Abad

Allie Gross (December 26, 2017). Without family support, Detroit’s trans community leans on each other for the holidays. Freep.com (Archive)

News Staff (December 22, 2015). Christmas Eve fundraiser for the transgender and homeless in Detroit. Fox2detroit.com (Archive)

Brody Brown (November 21, 2011). Rev Run’s Son JoJo Simmons Denies Hook-up With Trans Woman. Queerty.com (Archive)

Stefanie Gerdes (December 9, 2015). FULL STORY: The Fight For Trans Rights. Gaystarnews.com (Archive)

Julisa Abad is the transgender director of outreach and advocacy at the Fair Michigan Justice Project.

Scout Schultz

Nick Saffan (October 18, 2017). As vigil turned violent, an intern acted on instincts and got the story. Poynter.org (Archive)

Regina Willis (October 16, 2017). Protesters troll ‘wicked, dirty’ Atlanta Pride parade. Projectq.us (Archive)

Emily Crane (October 12, 2017). New footage shows the moment a suicidal gender fluid Georgia Tech student was shot dead by campus police. Dailymail.co.uk (Archive)

Danny Robbins (October 8, 2017). Slain Georgia Tech student remembered for activism, helping others. Myajc.com (Archive)

Madison Raymond (September 25, 2017). Mental illness should not be answered with police use of force. Pressherald.com (Archive)

FOX5 Atlanta (September 23, 2017). Georgia Tech President sends message to campus after shooting death of Gwinnett student. Gwinnettdailypost.com (Archive)

Ashlyn Webb (September 23, 2017). Students, UGA official say sign left in Tate Plaza Wednesday was ‘insensitive’. Redandblack.com (Archive)

Steve Jordahl (September 22, 2017). Barber: ‘Homo-fascism’ killed a GA Tech student. Onenewsnow.com (Archive)

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The Associated Press (September 19, 2017). The Latest: Georgia Tech officer who shot student fairly new. Washingtonpost.com (Archive)

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John Paul Brammer (September 19, 2017). Death of Scout Schultz Highlights LGBTQ Mental Health Needs on Campus. Nbcnews.com (Archive)

Danny Collins (September 18, 2017). CAMPUS KILLINGHorrifying moment student is gunned down at university when she approaches police with a ‘tiny knife’. Thesun.co.uk (Archive)

The Associated Press (September 18, 2017). Correction: Georgia Tech Student Killed story. Abcnews.go.com (Archive)

Rebekka Schramm (September 17, 2017). Father of Georgia Tech student to officer: “Why did you kill my son?”. Weny.com (Archive)

Dan Good (September 17, 2017). Georgia Tech campus police shoot, kill barefoot student holding ‘tiny’ knife. Nydailynews.com (Archive)

Christian Boone, Ariel Hart, Ellen Eldridge (September 17, 2017). Shooting of Georgia Tech student stirs old debate, with new questions. Ajc.com (Archive)

Abigail Miller (September 17, 2017). Non-binary Georgia Tech student, 21, is shot dead by campus police after ‘refusing to stop approaching officers while carrying small knife’. Dailymail.co.uk (Archive)

Also known as Scott Schultz

Sasha Buchert

Sarah Harris (October 12, 2017). Transgender Troops Face Uncertainty As Pentagon Decides Their Fate. Wunc.org (Archive)

Nathaniel Weixel (August 12, 2017). Trump expected to roll back LGBT protections in ObamaCare. Thehill.com (Archive)

Amanda Holpuch (August 5, 2017). Civil rights groups to sue over Trump’s plan for transgender military ban. Theguardian.com (Archive)

Sasha Buchert (August 5, 2017). Lambda Legal: See you in court, President Trump.. Lambdalegal.org (Archive)

Mara Keisling

NewNowNext Editors (October 9, 2017). Why Trans Activist Mara Keisling Is Grateful For Self-Awareness. Newnownext.com (Archive)

Chris Johnson (October 3, 2017). Nat’l trans group launches political arm for impact on elections. Washingtonblade.com (Archive)

Charlie May (August 30, 2017). The military is already denying trans members health care, advocates claim. Salon.com (Archive)

Maya Rhodan (July 26, 2017). Gay Rights Groups Condemn President Trump’s Move on Transgender Troops. Time.com (Archive)

Sarah Ravani (July 26, 2017). Trump tweets that transgender people can’t serve in military. Sfgate.com (Archive)

Chris Johnson (July 25, 2017). Texas Senate advances anti-transgender bathroom bill. Washingtonblade.com (Archive)

Ruth Schneider (July 20, 2017). OUTspoken: Is anti-trans bill viable? Not likely. Times-standard.com (Archive)

Chris Johnson (July 19, 2017). Trumpcare appears defeated, but LGBT opponents remain wary. Washingtonblade.com (Archive)

Tom Dart (July 17, 2017). Texas lawmakers clash over contentious transgender bathroom bill. Theguardian.com (Archive)

John Savage (July 14, 2017). Groups warn about ‘anti-LGBT’ legislation ahead of special session. Dallasnews.com (Archive)

Theodore Bunker (July 14, 2017). Sessions: ‘Understandable’ to Feel Religious Freedom Is ‘Under Attack’. Newsmax.com (Archive)

Tara Wanda Merrigan (June 28, 2017). America’s First Gender-Neutral Driver’s Licenses Are Here. Bustle.com (Archive)

Emanuella Grinberg (June 27, 2017). You can now get a gender neutral driver’s license in D.C.. Cnn.com (Archive)

Jay Willis (June 23, 2017). How the Republican Health Care Bill Will Affect Trans Americans. Gq.com (Archive) (Archive)

Erin Rook (June 22, 2017). Washington, DC joins Oregon in offering third gender marker on drivers’ licenses. Lgbtqnation.com (Archive)

Casey Leins (June 16, 2017). Oregon First State to Offer ‘Not Specified’ Gender on ID Cards. Usnews.com (Archive)

Emma Brown (June 16, 2017). Memo lays out Trump administration’s approach to handling transgender students’ civil rights complaints. Washingtonpost.com (Archive)

Mary Emily O’Hara (May 3, 2017). Health Department May Revise Obamacare Nondiscrimination Rule. Nbcnews.com (Archive)

Katy Steinmetz (April 21, 2017). Obsessing About Caitlyn Jenner’s Surgery Is Part of a Larger Problem. Time.com (Archive)

Colleen Jenkins, Daniel Trotta (March 30, 2017). Seeking end to boycott, North Carolina rescinds transgender bathroom law. Reuters.com (Archive)

Claire Martin (March 18, 2017). Going From Marginalized to Welcomed in the Workplace. Nytimes.com (Archive)

Brooke Sopelsa (March 16, 2017). Texas, Arkansas Advance Anti-Transgender ‘Bathroom Bills’. Nbcnews.com (Archive)

Maria Polletta (March 7, 2017). Report: Transgender Arizonans struggle to land, keep jobs. Azcentral.com (Archive)

Mary Emily O’Hara (March 2, 2017). Congress Relaunches Transgender Equality Task Force. Nbcnews.com (Archive)

Frank Bruni (February 25, 2017). Two Consonants Walk Into a Bar …. Nytimes.com (Archive)

Carrie Johnson (February 23, 2017). What’s Next For Transgender Rights Lawsuits With School Guidance Rescinded. Npr.org (Archive)

Rita Price (April 12, 2015). Support from family and friends vital for transgender youths. Dispatch.com (Archive)

Avory Faucette (May 16, 2014). 5 Things To Know About Chelsea Manning, Gender Dysphoria & Transgender Medical Care. Thefrisky.com (Archive) (Mara Keisling)

Jonathan M.D. (June 18, 2009). A Pro Bono Transgender Primer. Cbsnews.com (Archive)

Notable Quote: “One misconception is that transitioning requires surgery. It doesn’t. As Mara Keisling, the Executive Director for the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) told me, “Most transsexuals don’t get surgery. This is about gender identity, not about genitals.”

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality

Lourdes Ashley Hunter

Lou Chibbaro Jr. (October 6, 2017). Trans activist wins $40,000 settlement in false arrest lawsuit. Washingtonblade.com (Archive)

Drew Gerber (October 4, 2017). ACLU, D.C. police settle over arrest of local transgender activist. Washingtonpost.com (Archive)

News Staff (October 2, 2017). Woman Settles Civil Rights Suit Against DC Police. Nbcwashington.com (Archive)

News Staff (October 2, 2017). Transgender Woman Settles Civil Rights Suit Against DC Police. Nbcwashington.com (Archive)

Michael Key (July 14, 2017). No Justice No Pride holds march for trans rights. Washingtonblade.com (Archive)

Madeline Charbonneau (March 17, 2017). ACLU Sues DC Police Over Arrest of Transgender Activist. Thehoya.com (Archive)

Ann E. Marimow (February 28, 2017). ACLU sues D.C. police for warrantless arrest of transgender activist. Washingtonpost.com (Archive)

Lourdes Ashley Hunter is the Executive Director of the TransWomen of Color Collective.

Erin Russ

Molly Longman (October 5, 2017). Healing the Wounds of Transgender Wars at the VA Hospital in Tucson. Phoenixnewtimes.com (Archive) (Archive)

Molly Longman (August 30, 2017). Tucson Transgender Veteran Calls Trump’s Military Ban ‘Hogwash’. Phoenixnewtimes.com (Archive) (Archive)

Erin Russ (July 29, 2017). Erin Russ: I know firsthand how Trump’s transgender ban undermines our military. Tucson.com (Archive)

Erin Russ is on the board of the Tucson Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Chamber of Commerce. Russ also operates SAGA (Southern Arizona Gender Alliance).

Danni Askini

Casey Jaywork (October 2, 2017). Sixteen Apply to Fill Burgess’ Council Seat, Including Nick Licata. Seattleweekly.com (Archive)

Heidi Groover (September 21, 2017). Council to Take Applications to Fill Tim Burgess’s Temporarily Empty Council Seat. Thestranger.com (Archive)

Heidi Groover (September 18, 2017). Tim Burgess Is the Mayor of Seattle. Thestranger.com (Archive)

Christine Clarridge (August 28, 2017). JBLM service member, Seattle civil-rights group sue Trump over military transgender ban. Seattletimes.com (Archive)

Ana Sofia Knauf (August 16, 2017). It’s Not Just Bathrooms: New Report Details Discrimination Faced by WA State Transgender Community. Thestranger.com (Archive)

Gabe Cohen (July 27, 2017). ‘Just insane’: Local transgender veteran reacts to Trump’s military ban. Komonews.com (Archive) (Archive)

Q13 News Staff (July 31, 2017). Local trans-activist: “I know many openly transgender service members and they aren’t a distraction”. Q13fox.com (Archive)

Brandon Macz (July 7, 2017). Anti-transgender initiative fails to make signature deadline. Capitolhilltimes.com (Archive)

Katie Herzog (July 3, 2017). A Response to the Uproar Over My Piece, “The Detransitioners”. Thestranger.com (Archive)

Casey Jaywork (June 30, 2017). State Medicaid Rule Changes Could Restrict Transgender Healthcare Access, Say Advocates. Seattleweekly.com (Archive)

Valeria Koulikova (June 26, 2017). Trans Pride Seattle shines light on ongoing struggles: Speakers urge continued fight against I-1552. Capitolhilltimes.com (Archive)

Nina Shapiro (June 12, 2017). Transgender man to file complaint against library over private restroom. Seattletimes.com (Archive)

Nico Lang (March 21, 2017). The repeal of Obamacare has thrown transgender Americans into a fight for their lives. Qz.com (Archive)

Sara Bernard (March 2 2016). How to Talk Friends and Family Down From Supporting the Anti-Trans Ballot Measure. Seattleweekly.com (Archive)

John O’Brien (March 1, 2017). Tacoma rally supports Washington’s transgender community. Kuow.org (Archive)

Zack Ford (March 18, 2016). The Most Extreme Attempt Yet To Demonize Transgender People And Deny Them Rights. Thinkprogress.org (Archive)

Danni Askini (January 29, 2016). Trans Women Are Women. Period.. Seattlemet.com (Archive)

Danni Askini is the executive director for the Gender Justice League in Washington State.

Danni Askini is a member of the Trans United Fund.

Also known as Dani Askini

Jamie Elizabeth Hash

Alex Zielinski (September 27, 2017). Trans Texans’ Military Dreams on Hold Under Trump Administration. Sacurrent.com (Archive)

Jessie Degollado (August 2, 2017). Transgender JBSA-Randolph airman ‘shocked’ by ban proposal. Ksat.com (Archive)

Previously known as James Edward Hash

Also known as Jamie Hash