Justine McNally

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Martin Robinson (March 21, 2013). Schoolgirl, 18, pretended to be a boy called Scott for THREE AND A HALF YEARS to get another teenage girl, 16, into bed and take her virginity. Dailymail.co.uk (Archive)

Andrew T. Balcer

Christine Pelisek (December 28, 2017). Did a Maine Teen Murder His Parents Because He Thought They Wouldn’t Accept Him as Transgender?. People.com (Archive)

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Charles Eichacker (November 1, 2016). Teenage boy charged with killing his parents in Winthrop. Pressherald.com (Archive)

Notable Quotes:

“The Winthrop teenager accused of stabbing his parents to death last year had gender identity issues and “did not believe his parents would be supportive,” a forensic psychologist testified Wednesday at a hearing to determine whether Andrew T. Balcer should face trial as an adult.”[1].

“Balcer was not suffering from psychosis or schizophrenia or any other easily identifiable mental illness other than gender dysphoria, she said.”[2].

Also known as Andrea Balcer

Skylar Kergil

Thekeystonenews (December 26, 2017). Profile: Skylar Kergil, transgender activist sheds light on issues. Thekeystonenews.com (Archive)

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Kathleen Burge (December 29, 2014). A Pioneer In The Transgender Movement, Skylar Kergil Reaches Out Across The Globe Via YouTube. Bostonglobe.com (Archive)

Previously known as Katherine Elizabeth Kergil

Leelah Alcorn

Anne Saker (December 26, 2017). Leelah Alcorn, 3 years later: update on the transgender revolution. Cincinnati.com (Archive)

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Wikipedia: Death Of Leelah Alcorn (Archive)

Wikipedia: Leelah Alcorn (Archive)

Facebook: Chris Seelbach (December 29, 2014) (Archive)

Also known as Joshua Alcorn

Ally Steinfeld

Harrison Keegan (December 21, 2017). One suspect pleads guilty in murder of Missouri transgender teen. News-leader.com (Archive)

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Jackie Rehwald (October 8, 2017). ‘We are not going to forget her’: Local LGBTQ allies gather to honor trans teen killed last month. News-leader.com (Archive)

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Associated Press (AP). (September 25, 2017). Fourth person charged in death of teen whose body was burned. Foxnews.com (Archive)

Gofundme: Funeral Expenses For The Steinfeld F

Also known as Ally Lee Steinfeld, Joseph Steinfeld, Joey Steinfeld, Joseph Matthew Steinfeld Jr.

Melissa Liljestrand

Marisa Gerber (December 3, 2017). Transgender rights: Los Angeles families complain of insensitive treatment during court hearings. Latimes.com (Archive)

Also known as Melissa Rose Liljestrand

Skyler Pfeil

Elisa Hahn (December 12, 2017). ‘I feel more of myself’: Kenmore trans teen on surgery experience. King5.com (Archive)

Nina Shapiro (October 7, 2016). Transgender kids: a family quest, a medical quandary. Seattletimes.com (Archive)

Elisa Hahn (March 7, 2016). Kenmore Jr High improves bathroom access for transgender students. King5.com (Archive)

Previously known as Sara Pfeil

Noor Jontry

Walt Heyer (December 14, 2017). This Formerly Trans 14-Year-Old Has A Message For Questioning Kids. Thefederalist.com (Archive)

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