Kimberly Shappley

Roxanna Asgarian (December 1, 2017). How a Pearland Mom Changed Her Life to Save Her Transgender Child. (Archive)

Lisa Marchiano (October 6, 2017). Outbreak: On Transgender Teens and Psychic Epidemics. (Archive)[1].

Y.C. Orozco (August 8, 2017). Pearland mom speaks out against bathroom bill in PSA. (Archive)

Chuck Lindell (August 1, 2017). AT THE CAPITOL: Faith leaders rally against transgender bathroom bills. (Archive)

Ashley Goudeau (July 21, 2017). Senate Committee takes up bathroom privacy bills. (Archive)

Chuck Lindell (July 21, 2017). Texas Senate committee approves transgender bathroom bill. (Archive)

Mike Snyder (July 17, 2017). Teen member of Pearland school board does his homework. (Archive)

Stephanie Whitfield (July 17, 2017). Bathroom bill back on agenda for special session. (Archive)

Joey Guerra (June 12, 2017). Premiere: Houston gospel singer Billy Dorsey honors Orlando victims with ‘Pulse’. (Archive)

Kimberly Shappley, as told to Breanne Randall (Apr 13, 2017). I Had 4 Boys — Until One of Them Told Me She Was Really a Girl. (Archive)

Emily McCombs (March 2, 2017). Christian, Conservative And Parenting A Transgender Child In Texas. (Archive)

Shelby Webb (February 23, 2017). Federal reversal on transgender students highlights divisions. (Archive)

Notable Quote: “Now Shappley has gone from the being the embarrassed mother of a gender-nonconforming little boy—who likely would have grown up to be gay—to being the heroic mother of a very pretty gender-conforming girl.”[1].

Emma Smith

Bianca London (October 18, 2017). Furious mother of six-year-old transgender girl hits out at teachers she claims BANNED her daughter from hugging other children and insisted she used the boys’ toilet. (Archive)

James Michael Nichols (September 6, 2017). This 6-Year-Old Spent A Year Of Her Life Fighting To Use Her School’s Bathroom. (Archive)

Tanja Rekhi (August 4, 2017). Family urges Buncombe County to adopt policy for transgender students. (Archive) (Archive)

John Boyle (August 4, 2017). Parents of transgender first-grader push for policy protection, board resists. (Archive)

Beth Walton (June 2, 2017). Better school support promised for transgender child, parents say. (Archive)

Beth Walton (May 20, 2017). Discovering Emma: A kindergartner’s transgender journey. (Archive)

Also known as Colton Smith

Rebekah Bruesehoff

Julie Roys (August 30, 2017). The Heresy That Fuels Transgenderism. (Archive)

Terrence T. McDonald (August 20, 2017). Transgender activists honored at annual flag raising in Jersey City. (Archive)

Heather Clark (August 7, 2017). Lutheran ‘Pastor’ Allows Son Who Likes Pink, Female Fashion to ‘Transition’ to Girl. (Archive)

Justin Zaremba (August 5, 2017). 10-year-old transgender N.J. girl: ‘I feel way more happier now that I know who I am’. (Archive)

Tobi Akingbade (July 31, 2017). Girl, 10, who ‘always felt different’ becomes youngest transgender campaigner: ‘I never liked fitting in one box’. (Archive)

Leonardo Blair (July 28, 2017). Pastor, Wife Allowed Son to Start Identifying as Girl at Age 2 Because He Liked ‘All Things Girly’. (Archive)

Camile Rocha-Keys (July 28, 2017). Transgender girl, 10, launches campaign to spread awareness of equal rights two years after she began her transition. (Archive)

Unity Blott (July 28, 2017). ‘Our seven-year-old kid wanted to die’: Christian parents of transgender girl say they have supported her transition ‘since the age of two’. (Archive)

Jamie Bruesehoff (June 20, 2017). Dear Betsy DeVos: This Is What Happens When You Support Trans Students. (Archive)

James Michael Nichols (February 28, 2017). 10-Year-Old Busts Myth About Trans People With Powerful Sign. (Archive)

John Heinis (February 26, 2017). LGBTQ activists rally in JC after Trump revokes transgender bathroom rules. (Archive)

Previously known as Ben Bruesehoff

Jenn Brewer

Madelyne Ashworth (July 28, 2017). After Trump tweet, Virginia military wife worries for her transgender daughter. (Archive)

Dawn Ennis (July 27, 2017). Military Families With Transgender Kids Fear for Future. (Archive)

Julie Carey, David Culver (July 27, 2017). ‘I Instantly Started Crying’: Virginia Family Fears Impact of Trump Ban on Transgender Service Members. (Archive)

Zack Ford (February 17, 2017). Trans kids massively benefit from being allowed to socially transition. (Archive)

The Associated Press (October 3, 2016). Hope, Relief for Trans Military Families in New Policy. (Archive)

Also known as Jennifer Brewer

Ginger Chun

Alexa Ura (July 21, 2017). Senate Committee Passes ‘Bathroom Bill’ After 10 Hours Of Testimony. (Archive)

Pilar Arias (July 17, 2017). Transgender Teen’s Mom Digs in for New Fight in Austin. (Archive)

Silvia Foster-Frau (June 11, 2017). Equality Texas gears up for the prolonged fight against bathroom bill. (Archive)

Silvia Foster-Frau (June 11, 2017). Equality Texas gears up for the prolonged fight against bathroom bill. (Archive)

Tammy Lobel

Ruth Fine (October 20, 2011). Lesbian couple to provide drug therapy for transgender son. (Archive)

Perry Chiaramonte (October 17, 2011). Controversial Therapy for Pre-Teen Transgender Patient Raises Questions. (Archive)

Daily Mail Reporter (September 30, 2011). The little boy who started a sex change aged eight because he (and his lesbian parents) knew he always wanted to be a girl. (Archive)[1].

Madison Park (September 27, 2011). Transgender kids: Painful quest to be who they are. (Archive)

Also known as Thomas Lobel

Notable Quote: “‘The whole idea now is let’s stop creating a third (gender) that is neither one thing or the other, so we transitioned her,’ said Ms Moreno.”[1].