Morgana Platt

Jono Galuszka (April 6 2018). Rapist back in prison for plotting to train girl as a prostitute. (Archive = Unavailable)

Previously known as Malcolm John Platt

Brian Belovitch

Jacob Tobia (April 3, 2018). Inside One Person’s Journey From Man to Woman and Back Again. (Archive) (NSFW Warning)

GallusMag (September 14, 2011). Brian Belovitch on Detransitioning and Healing from Gender Dysphoria. (Archive)

Previously known as Natalia “Tish” Gervais, Tish Gervais, Natalia Gervais

Danielle Christie

Doug Todd; Douglas Todd (January 23, 1984; February 22, 2018). 1984 story on sex-change ‘debate’ reveals dramatic shift. (Archive)

Rebekah Shelton

Sarah Deen (January 12, 2018). Rebekah Shelton breaks down as she reveals she ‘regretted’ her gender reassignment in TV appearance. (Archive)

Anthony Joseph (January 12, 2018). ‘I’m NOT dead’: Transgender Big Brother 2009 star claims her Twitter was ‘hacked’ with a fake announcement that she had died. (Archive)

Previously known as Rodrigo Lopes

Jules Williams

Ben Schmitt (December 17, 2017). Transgender woman suing Allegheny County Jail opens up about struggles, acceptance. (Archive)

Brandi Seals

Brett Buffington, KHOU (December 15, 2017). HPD Chief addresses officer’s statement on transgender murder case. (Archive)

John Donnelly (December 13, 2017). Transgender person shot, killed in neighborhood. (Archive)

Also known as Debarione Seals

Sandra Pankhurst

Kate Darvall (October 17, 2017). Mounds of rotting food, rooms piled high with rubbish and toilets overflowing with faeces: Inside the stomach-churning reality of life as a trauma cleaner. (Archive)