James Lilly

Greg Jordan (October 28, 2017). Transgender sex offender jailed. Bdtonline.com (Archive)

Greg Jordan (May 16, 2017). Transgender sex offender gets 2 to 10 years in prison. Bdtonline.com (Archive)

Greg Jordan (April 24, 2017). Sex offender’s fate in limbo: Judge receives report to determine classification for transgender, former youth pastor facing prison. Bdtonline.com (Archive)

Samantha Perry (December 22, 2016). Sentencing delayed for admitted transgender sex offender. Bdtonline.com (Archive)

Charlie Boothe (August 25, 2016). Accepted plea drops 28 of 31 counts of sexual abuse. Bdtonline.com (Archive)

Greg Jordan (April 19, 2016). Judge reschedules hearing for man facing sexual abuse charges. Bdtonline.com (Archive)

Greg Jordan (January 30, 2016). Man facing sexual abuse charges waives right to hearing. Bdtonline.com (Archive)

Greg Jordan (January 15, 2016). Authorities investigate youth minister’s alleged sexual abuse. Bdtonline.com (Archive)

Samantha Perry (January 12, 2016). Bluefield youth minister arrested on sex crimes. Bdtonline.com (Archive)

Erin Swenson

Dan Whisenhunt (October 9, 2017). Information is scarce about parents opposed to City Schools of Decatur’s transgender policy. Decaturish.com (Archive)

Vanessa McCray, Nelson Helm (October 6, 2017). Gender identity in Georgia: college students lead fight for recognition. Myajc.com (Archive)

Jesse James DeConto (May 26, 2016). Among M.Div. graduates, a new crop of transgender students. Gazette.com (Archive)

Joanne Herman (October 02 2006). Transgender success stories. Advocate.com (Archive)

Petra Strand

Monsy Alvarado (September 28, 2017). A transgender minister’s ‘long, painful, joyous, happy and dizzying’ road to acceptance. Northjersey.com (Archive)

Previously known as Peter Strand

Trenton Johnson

Lauren McGaughy (September 26, 2017). Fearfully and wonderfully made: The journey of a transgender man. Dallasnews.com (Archive)

Jessica Diaz-Hurtado (April 28, 2017). ‘Before I’m Trans, I’m Black’: Dallas Event Aims To Empower Black Transgender Community. Keranews.org (Archive)

Lauren McGaughy (March 11, 2017). ‘Fearfully and wonderfully made’: What one Dallas transgender man wants lawmakers to know. Dallasnews.com (Archive)

Also known as Trent Johnson

Laurie Lee Hall

Genelle Pugmire (September 22, 2017). Former LDS stake president, transgender woman to speak at Affirmation Conference. Heraldextra.com (Archive)

Elijah C. Nealy

Elijah C. Nealy (August 9, 2017). Not the Texas I know: The Legislature’s “bathroom bill”. Tribtalk.org (Archive)

Assistant professor, University of St. Joseph: Elijah C. Nealy (Archive)

Rona Matlow

Lee Harpin (July 31, 2017). Transgender rabbi ‘appalled’ by Trump ban. Thejc.com (Archive)

Anna Selman (July 28, 2017). Try telling this transgender nuclear engineer turned rabbi she wasn’t qualified to serve in the Navy. Jta.org (Archive)

Previously known as Jaron Matlow

Liam Hooper

Carol Kuruvilla , Antonia Blumberg (July 27, 2017). Trans Christian Pastor Has A Message For Genderqueer People In The Military. Huffingtonpost.com (Archive)

Bertrand M. Gutiérrez (March 22, 2017). HB 2 anniversary: ‘The real failing is the failing to see us as people,’ transgender man says. Greensboro.com (Archive)

Nico Lang (March 21, 2017). The repeal of Obamacare has thrown transgender Americans into a fight for their lives. Qz.com (Archive)

Also known as Liam M. Hooper

Rev. Liam M. Hooper is the founder of a trans-queer ministry in North Carolina.