Jessica McGuinness

Michael A. Fuoco (June 1, 2014). Three Individuals Share Their Personal Journey Of Transition. (Archive)

Michael Henninger. Pittsburgh’s Transgender Community. (Archive)

Michael A. Fuoco (June 1, 2014). An Identity To Call Their Own. (Archive)

Previously known as Jesse McGuinness

Seda Collier

Kim Willis (September 5, 2017). ‘My ex husband became a woman after 12 years of marriage but we still live together – with my new boyfriend’. (Archive)

Kristin K. Collins (March 4, 2017). How Our Transgender Family Is Taking a Compassionate Stand Against Trump’s Policies. (Archive)

Previously known as Fred Collier

Maeve Griffith

Whitney Ward (August 25, 2017). Spokane fire chief embraces diversity, helping pave way for transgender fire captain. (Archive)

Previously known as John Griffith

Eleanor Matthews

Helen McArdle (July 17, 2017). Discrimination claim as trans-women rejected for breast surgery. (Archive)

Brooke Guinan

Gabriela Siegal (June 25, 2017). Transgender firefighter marches as NYC Pride Parade grand marshal. (Archive)

Nicole Brown (June 22, 2017). Brooke Guinan, NYC Pride March grand marshal, keeps LGBTQ fight alive. (Archive)

Thomas Tracy (June 17, 2017). FDNY’s first transgender grand marshal to march in Manhattan’s Pride Parade. (Archive)

Hayley Miller (June 9, 2017). NYC’s First Transgender Firefighter Appointed Grand Marshal Of City’s Pride Parade. (Archive)

Brooke Guinan is the FDNY’s LGBTQ outreach coordinator.