Julisa Abad

Allie Gross (December 26, 2017). Without family support, Detroit’s trans community leans on each other for the holidays. Freep.com (Archive)

News Staff (December 22, 2015). Christmas Eve fundraiser for the transgender and homeless in Detroit. Fox2detroit.com (Archive)

Brody Brown (November 21, 2011). Rev Run’s Son JoJo Simmons Denies Hook-up With Trans Woman. Queerty.com (Archive)

Stefanie Gerdes (December 9, 2015). FULL STORY: The Fight For Trans Rights. Gaystarnews.com (Archive)

Julisa Abad is the transgender director of outreach and advocacy at the Fair Michigan Justice Project.

Gemma Hickey

Staff Reports (December 14, 2017). After Long Battle, Hickey Receives Non-Binary Birth Certificate. Vocm.com (Archive)

Editor (October 2, 2017). Legal Victory for Gender Non-binary Identifying Newfoundlanders. Themuse.ca (Archive)

Tara Bradbury (September 22, 2017). Airing tonight, ‘Just Be Gemma’ chronicles Gemma Hickey’s most personal moments while transitioning. Thetelegram.com (Archive)

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The Canadian Press (September 21, 2017). Newfoundland to allow switch to gender-neutral birth certificates. Ctvnews.ca (Archive)

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Donalee Moulton (August 17, 2017). NL Supreme Court to hear first case for non-binary birth certificate. Thelawyersdaily.ca (Archive)

The Canadian Press (July 28, 2017). Court to hear N.L. activist’s bid for non-binary birth certificate this fall. Atlantic.ctvnews.ca (Archive)

The Canadian Press (July 28, 2017). Case for non-binary birth certificates back in court today. Cbc.ca (Archive)

Lauren Strapagiel (July 11, 2017). These Canadians Are Fighting To Get Nonbinary Birth Certificates. Buzzfeed.com (Archive)

Avneet Dhillon (June 23, 2017). Gender identity battle heads to court, after birth certificate request denied. Cbc.ca (Archive)

Rosie Mullaley (June 23, 2017). Transgender activist takes legal action to have ‘non-binary’ option on birth certificate. Thetelegram.com (Archive)

The Canadian Press (June 23, 2017). Activist vying for non-binary birth certificate taking N.L. to court. Timescolonist.com (Archive)

Jessica Smith Cross, The Canadian Press (May 18, 2017). Gender-neutral birth certificates could be issued in Ontario by 2018. Thestar.com (Archive)

Stephanie Kinsella (March 18, 2017). A little Shakespeare, a little fiddle: New St. John’s show tackles transgender youth issues. Cbc.ca (Archive)

Gemma Hickey is the executive director of For The Love of Learning, an arts-based non-profit group that works with at-risk youth.

Laura A. Jacobs

Joe Macaré (December 17, 2017). Dispelling the Myths Behind “Bathroom Bills” and Other Forms of Transphobia. Truth-out.org (Archive)[1]

Notable Quote: “In fact, there are no documented cases of trans people attacking others in bathrooms, and many reported cases of trans people being the victims of assault. Trans people, like everyone else, need a safe place to use the bathroom.”[1].

Mason Dunn

Christian M. Wade (October 25, 2017). Activists seek new gender option on state IDs. Salemnews.com (Archive)

Laura Krantz (August 30, 2017). Transgender students push change on college campuses. Bostonglobe.com (Archive)

Steve Leblanc, The Associated Press (July 8, 2017). Activists mark first anniversary of transgender rights law. Ledger-enquirer.com (Archive)

Emily Clark (April 1, 2017). First Parish hosts Transgender Day of Visibility Celebration. Plymouth.wickedlocal.com (Archive)

Kay Lazar (March 28, 2017). Most transgender renters see discrimination. Bostonglobe.com (Archive)

Jacob Geanous (February 24, 2017). Transgender rally draws hundreds to Post Office Square. Bostonglobe.com (Archive)

Susan Spencer (October 6, 2015). Families of transgender children share stories with legislators facing access bil. Telegram.com (Archive)

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition: Mason Dunn (Archive)

Mason Dunn is the executive director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

Addison Rose Vincent

Addison Rose Vincent (October 24, 2017). What Halloween Means to Me as a Transgender Person. Huffingtonpost.com (Archive)

Huffington Post Author Profile: Addison Rose Vincent (Archive)

Mark Daniel Snyder

John Paul Brammer (October 23, 2017). California Paves Way for ‘Nonbinary’ Birth Certificates. Nbcnews.com (Archive)

Mark Daniel Snyder (September 28, 2017). Jerry Brown should sign the Gender Recognition Act. Sacbee.com (Archive)

Heather Knight (September 26, 2017). New gender category ‘X’ awaits Gov. Brown’s decision. Sfchronicle.com (Archive)

John Riley (September 20, 2017). California bill offers non-binary option for gender markers on state IDs. Metroweekly.com (Archive)

Mark Daniel Snyder (September 18, 2017). Gender Nonbinary In The Age Of Trump. Huffingtonpost.com (Archive)

Huffington Post Author Profile: Mark Daniel Snyder (Archive)

Also known as Mark Snyder

Mark Daniel Snyder is the Director of Communications for the Equality Federation.

Phillipe Cunningham

Mike Mullen (October 18, 2017). The transgender moment: In Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham, Minneapolis is poised to make history. Citypages.com (Archive)

Leora Yashari (June 12, 2017). 4 Transgender Candidates to Watch. Teenvogue.com (Archive)

Phillipe Cunningham: Minneapolis City Council, Ward 4 (Archive)

Rachel Crandall

BTL Staff (October 12, 2017). Community Input Wanted for New Transgender Church. Pridesource.com (Archive)

Alysa Zavala-Offman (August 9, 2017). The Activist: Rachel Crandall-Crocker. Metrotimes.com (Archive)

Paulette Niemiec (April 3, 2014). Transgender Day of Visibility Now World Wide. Pridesource.com (Archive)

Jason A. Michael (October 21, 2010). National survey shows widespread bias in trans health care. Pridesource.com (Archive)

Jessica Carreras (March 26, 2009). Transgender Day of Visibility plans erupt locally, nationwide. Pridesource.com (Archive)

Rachel Crandall is the Executive Director and founder of Transgender Michigan.

Rachel Crandall-Crocker came up with the idea for the Transgender Day of Visibility.

Also known as Rachel Crandall-Crocker, Rachel Crandall Crocker