Jolene Dawson

Unity Blott (March 23, 2018). ‘I’m glad I kept my penis’: Transgender woman who spent $90K on plastic surgery reveals she’s ‘finally realised’ she’s attracted to women – after going on 100 Tinder dates with MEN. (Archive)

Unity Blott (October 27, 2017). ‘It looks like I have little doll feet’: Transgender woman who modelled herself on a Bratz toy reveals how she BINDS her toes to fit into heels (even though it makes them go numb). (Archive)

Hayley Richardson (October 21, 2017). BRATZ INCREDIBLE: Transgender woman spends £55,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like a Bratz doll including bum implants, four nose jobs and jaw slimming. (Archive)

Unity Blott (October 20, 2017). Transgender woman spends $90k in ongoing quest to look like a Bratz doll including forehead fillers and jaw slimming (and she even wants to get her BELLY BUTTON removed). (Archive)

Kyson Cutler

Anton Rose (January 1, 2018). Why gender surgery will change young man’s life. (Archive)

Ruby Rose

Lauren Rearick (December 21, 2017). Ruby Rose Explains Why She Didn’t Come Out to Her Mom as Gender-Fluid. (Archive) Reporter (December 18, 2017). ‘I didn’t fit the mold of a girl!’ Ruby Rose speaks up about gender identity… and names Bella and Gigi Hadid as her celeb crushes. (Archive)

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Norrie May-Welby

Stephen Johnson (December 17, 2017). Transgender activist who won a High Court battle to be listed as gender X now wants COMPULSORY gender-neutral toilets in nightclubs and stadiums. (Archive)

Rachel Evans (April 8, 2011). Activists call for new Veronica Baxter inquiry. (Archive)

Bridget Clinch

Michael McGowan (October 25, 2017). ADF’s links to ‘vile’ Facebook group show ‘backlash against progressive politics’. (Archive)

Bridget Clinch (October 17, 2017). As a trans veteran I’m angry at calls to stop funding gender reassignment surgery. (Archive)

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Sandra Pankhurst

Kate Darvall (October 17, 2017). Mounds of rotting food, rooms piled high with rubbish and toilets overflowing with faeces: Inside the stomach-churning reality of life as a trauma cleaner. (Archive)

Catherine McGregor

Eamonn Tiernan (October 15, 2017). Cate McGregor says transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey should be selected in AFLW draft. (Archive)

Admin (October 15, 2017). Andrew Hastie calls for army to stop funding gender reassignment. (Archive)

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WND Exclusive (June 18, 2017). Transgender ‘girl’ Track Star With Mustache Crushes Female Competitors. (Archive)

WND Exclusive (March 26, 2017). Female athletes crushed by ‘women who were once men’. (Archive)