Jem Traylen

Sarah Harris (January 5, 2018). Gender diverse Kiwis are increasingly changing identification to match. (Archive)

Lucy Swinnen (March 31, 2017). Long road to raise visibility of transgender people continues. (Archive)

Leilani Tominiko

Wepiha Te Kanawa (October 24, 2017). Native Affairs – Wrestlemania Kiwi Style. (Archive)

Carla Penman (August 30, 2017). NZ’s first pro transgender wrestler aiming high. (Archive)

Also known as Candy Lee

Lea Membrey

Toby Meyjes (October 23, 2017). Transgender woman froze her sperm while still a man so she can father a child one day. (Archive)

Belinda Cleary (October 12, 2017). EXCLUSIVE – ‘I was growing into the wrong body’: Transgender student, 20, who was born a boy reveals how she ‘learned to be a girl’ – and says the ‘most amazing’ part of becoming a woman was showing off her breasts. (Archive)

Laurel Hubbard

Daniel Gilhooly (September 18, 2017). Hubbard qualifies for Games weightlifting. (Archive)

Washington Examiner (July 30, 2017). Trump right to reverse Obama’s transgender experiment on the military. (Archive)

WND Exclusive (June 18, 2017). Transgender ‘girl’ Track Star With Mustache Crushes Female Competitors. (Archive)

Armen Hammer (May 1, 2017). Transgender Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Sets Masters World Records. (Archive)

Barbara Dreaver (April 1, 2017). ‘A man is a man’ – Samoa protests New Zealand transgender weightlifter’s win. (Archive)

News Staff (March 29, 2017). Sport: Samoa protest against transgender lifters competing against women. (Archive)

WND Exclusive (March 26, 2017). Female athletes crushed by ‘women who were once men’. (Archive)

AJ Willingham (March 23, 2017). People are skeptical about this record-setting trans weightlifting champ. (Archive)

Marissa Payne (March 22, 2017). Transgender woman wins international weightlifting title amid controversy over fairness. (Archive)

Armen Hammer (March 1, 2017). Transgender Weightlifter Wins Gold At Australasian Championships. (Archive)

News Staff (March 20, 2017). ‘We deserve to be on an even playing field’ – Weightlifting Australia apprehensive about NZ transgender athlete’s inclusion in event. (Archive)

Khaleda Rahman (March 19, 2017). Outrage over transgender female weightlifter who destroyed her rivals by hoisting 19kg more than the runner-up – and now she’s a contender for the Commonwealth Games. (Archive)

News Staff (March 19, 2017). Weightlifting: Transgender lifter Laurel Hubbard wins first international outing. (Archive)

Kimberlee Downs (March 17, 2017). New Zealand’s first transgender weightlifter to compete internationally. (Archive)

News Staff (March 4, 2017). Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard named in New Zealand team.

Previously known as Gavin Hubbard

Valerie Wagstaff

Ava Benny-Morrison (September 3, 2017). ‘I always wanted to be a woman’: Valerie Wagstaff forges path for transgender police. (Archive)

Laken McKay

Anna Leask (August 24, 2017). HIV positive child sex offender paroled, takes on new identity. (Archive)[1].

Notable Quote: “Rory Francis now identifies as a female and has changed her name to Laken McKay. She was freed in May and is now living in Auckland.”

“The family of her most recent victims contacted the Herald after she was released, concerned her new identity meant the community were not aware of her past offending.”

“The father of the victims said the public “had a right to know” about McKay, particularly given she was a repeat offender.”[1].

Previously known as Rory Francis