Kaelin Farnish

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Patrick Strudwick (April 30, 2016). This Teenager Can’t Get A Bank Account Because They Don’t Identify As Male Or Female. Buzzfeed.com (Archive)

Philippa York

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Previously known as Robert Millar

Tiffany Scott

Tim Bugler (August 31, 2017). ‘Take him down’ Dangerous transgender prisoner brands sheriff a ‘f***ing transphobe b*****d’ and ‘c***’ as judge refuses to call inmate ‘her’ at sentencing. Thescottishsun.co.uk (Archive)

Also known as Andrew Burns

Chloe Allen

Tom Sykes (July 27, 2017). These Transgender Military Heroes Serve Their Countries Proudly. Thedailybeast.com (Archive)

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Notable Quote: “A transgender soldier in the British army has become the first female to serve on the frontline.”[1].

Becky Kaufmann

Virginia Hale (July 20, 2017). NHS Accused of ‘Discrimination’ For Denying Boob Jobs to Transgender People. Breitbart.com (Archive)

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Helen McArdle (July 17, 2017). Case Study: ”I just thought ‘enough of this’. I have given up half a century of my life”. Heraldscotland.com (Archive)

Notable Quote: “Yet as a middle-aged late transitioning trans-woman, after four years on hormones, without enhancements in my chest, I basically look like an overweight middle-aged man.”[1].