Casil McArthur

Ariana Marsh (December 29, 2017). Photographer Collier Schorr Documents Model Casil McArthur’s Transition. (Archive)

Aoibhinn Mcbride (December 29, 2017). ‘I really proved my past self wrong!’ Transgender model who feared he’d stop getting work after transitioning from female to male reveals his career has gotten BETTER. (Archive)

Alyson Krueger (March 3, 2017). Transgender Models Find a Home. (Archive)

Dana Zzyym

Cindy Saine (October 26, 2017). US State Department in Solidarity With Intersex Persons but Faces Lawsuit. (Archive)

Dave Roos (September 8, 2017). Do We Need Gender on Government IDs?. (Archive)

Jennifer G. Hickey (July 7, 2017). Will new gender-neutral licenses fly with TSA?. (Archive)

Jonah Bennett (June 28, 2017). New Life Breathed Into Intersex Navy Veteran’s Fight Against State Department Passport Denial. (Archive)

Lambda Legal (June 27, 2017). Court Reopens Lambda Legal Case of Intersex Citizen Denied a Passport. (Archive)

Civil Action No.: 1:15-cv-02362-RBJ DANA ALIX ZZYYM, Plaintiff, v. REX TILLERSON, in his official capacity as the Secretary of State; and, SHERMAN D. PORTELL, in his official capacity as the Director of the Colorado Passport Agency for the United States Department of State, Defendants.

William Cummings (June 21, 2017). When asked their sex, some are going with option ‘X’. (Archive)

Wikipedia: Legal Recognition Of Non-binary Gender (Archive)

Corinne Segal (June 15, 2017). Oregon becomes first state to add gender-neutral option on driver’s licenses. (Archive)

Corinne Segal (May 21, 2017). Oregon may become the first state to offer non-binary option on IDs. (Archive)

Ken Bresler, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (February 3, 2017). Words Try to Keep Up With Law of Sexual Identity. (Archive)

Corinne Segal (November 23, 2016). Judge rules in favor of intersex veteran who was denied passport. (Archive)

Travis M. Andrews (July 21, 2016). Dana Zzyym doesn’t identify as male or female, so can’t get a passport. (Archive)

Colleen Slevin (July 20, 2016). Federal judge urges US to grant gender neutral passport. (Archive)

Travis M. Andrews (July 21, 2016). Dana Zzyym doesn’t identify as male or female, so can’t get a passport. (Archive)

In The United States District Court For The District Of Colorado Civil Action No. 15-cv-02362-rbj Dana Alix Zzyym, Plaintiff, Vs. John F. Kerry, In His Official Capacity As Secretary Of State; And Sherman D. Portell, In His Official Capacity As Director Of The Colorado Passport Agency Of The United States Department Of State, Defendants. (Archive)

LAMBDA Legal: Zzyym v. Kerry (Archive)

Civil Action No.: 1:15-cv-02362-RBJ (Archive)

Storme Shannon Aerison

Dennis Huspeni (February 12, 2008). Guilty plea ends hermaphrodite’s case. (Archive)[1].

News Staff(May 24, 2007). Storme of the Day. (Archive)

Harrison Fletcher (December 20, 2001). Storme Watch. (Archive)[2].

Harrison Fletcher (August 24, 2000). Storme Warning!. (Archive)

Harrison Fletcher (June 8, 2000). The Broad Was a Fraud. (Archive) (Archive)

Also known as Charles Daugher- ty, Charles Daugherty, Charles James Daugherty, Storme Aerison, Shannon Ireland, Shannon Ireland Trump, Cheyen Weatherly

Notable Quotes:

“According to court testimony, Aerison was born with male and female genitalia and never had sex assignment surgery. She made national news in 1990 when, at age 26, she was arrested for criminal impersonation for enrolling at Coronado High School as a 17-year-old and joining the female cheerleading squad.”[1].

“Aerison was born on June 1, 1964. His father, Leo Daugherty Jr., once told a newspaper that his son was a “perfectly normal” kid who played baseball and hung out with the guys but traded his athletic gear for cheerleading pompoms in high school. Then one Halloween, “he put a dress on.”[2].

Egan Joseph Woodward

Kirk Mitchell (October 3, 2017). Denver tire company sued after refusing to hire transgender person. (Archive)

Logan Ireland

Rachael Wardwell (September 22, 2017). Transgender military couple from Colorado Springs share their story. (Archive)

Nick Duffy (September 22, 2017). Ellen did something amazing for trans military couple who might lose their jobs. (Archive)

Crystal Bell (August 27, 2017). Trans Soldiers Make A Statement At The VMAs: ‘It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are’. (Archive)

Char Adams (August 27, 2017). Transgender Service Members Walk MTV VMAs Red Carpet as Trump Moves Forward with Military Ban. (Archive)

Patrick Crowley (August 27, 2017). Meet 6 Trans Military Members Walking MTV VMAs Red Carpet: Exclusive. (Archive)

Julie Mazziotta (August 11, 2017). 8 Transgender Military Members Share How Trump’s Proposed Ban Will Change Their Lives. (Archive)

Char Adams, Sheila Cosgrove Baylis (August 3, 2017). Trans Military Couple Put Adoption Plans on Hold After Trump’s Announcement: ‘Now That’s on the Back Burner’. (Archive)

Mark Joseph Stern (July 28, 2017). The Navy Doctor Who Pushed for Trans Troops to Serve Openly Pushes Back on Trump’s Ban. (Archive)

John Riley (July 27, 2017). Trans airman: Transgender ban is “doing this country an injustice”. (Archive)

Meghan Keneally (July 27, 2017). Transgender service members speak out against Trump’s ban. (Archive)

Stephen Losey (July 26, 2017). Transgender airman: ‘I would like to see them try to kick me out of my military’. (Archive)

Char Adams (July 26, 2017). Transgender War Vet and Advocate Says Soldiers Are ‘in Fear’ Over Donald Trump’s Military Ban. (Archive)

Erin Vogel-Fox, Jessie Karangu (July 26, 2017). Timeline: A history of LGBTQ hurdles in military service. (Archive)

Corinne Segal (July 26, 2017). After Trump announces ban, trans soldiers wonder what comes next. (Archive)

Mary Emily O’Hara (June 30, 2017). Out Transgender Troops Have Served for a Year — but New Recruits on Ice. (Archive)

Corinne Segal (March 13, 2017). Are military doctors trained to treat trans patients?. (Archive)

Stephen Losey (October 16, 2016). Air Force releases guidance on transgender airmen. (Archive).[1].

John Riley (July 7, 2016). Transgender Servicemembers on the End of the Ban. (Archive)

Fiona Dawson (June 4, 2015). ‘Transgender, at War and in Love’. (Archive)

Dominic Holden (June 24, 2015). Out Transgender Airman, In Male Uniform, Attends White House Pride Reception. (Archive)

The Editorial Board (June 3, 2015). Let Transgender Troops Serve Openly. (Archive)

Notable Quote: “Ireland said that he was happiest to see that there won’t be a “gray area” for airmen who have finished transitioning, and that the Air Force will fully consider them members of their preferred gender.

“There won’t be any exceptions to certain policies once that gender marker is changed,” Ireland said. “We don’t want this gray area. We don’t want a third gender.”.[1].

Colter Alexander

Bianca London (September 13, 2017). Transgender man displays his taped back breasts on Instagram in a bid to celebrate the ‘beauty’ of the physical process of changing sex. (Archive)

Previously Sasha Alexander