Alexandra Chandler

Christianna Silva (January 4, 2018). Meet Alexandra Chandler, The Transgender Military Intelligence Analyst Running For Congress. (Archive)

Mary Louise Kelly (March 5, 2017). Life As A Transgender Intelligence Analyst. (Archive)

Alexandra Chandler February 10, 2017). I serve my country as a transgender woman. I know we can overcome our divisions.. (Archive)

Raven Matherne

Liz Skalka (November 11, 2017). Stamford’s newly elected trans legislator, a triathlete, sets another record with Board of Reps win. (Archive)

Previously known as Ryan Matherne

Dawn Ennis

Dawn Ennis (October 27, 2017). ‘Prove To Me You’re Really A Girl’. (Archive)

Dawn Stacey Ennis (March 27, 2016). The Choice. (Archive)

Dawn Ennis (March 2, 2016). She Is Cait, and I Am Not: Face to Face With Jenner. (Archive)

Dawn Stacey Ennis (January 23, 2016). Farewell, My Beloved. (Archive)

Lexie Cannes (April 20, 2015). Trans woman lands news editor gig at The Advocate. (Archive)

Dawn Stacey Ennis (July 9, 2014). As I was saying…. (Archive)

Joe Coscarelli (June 17, 2014). ABC Fired Transgender Employee Dawn Ennis After a Complicated Saga. (Archive)

Louise Boyle (June 17, 2014). ABC producer who changed gender three times is fired weeks after latest transformation for ‘performance-related issues’. (Archive)

Don Kaplan (June 17, 2014). ABC producer who changed gender 3 times was fired in May for ‘performance-related issues’. (Archive)

Jillian Page (June 17, 2014). Dawn Ennis makes statement: ‘Media reports are inaccurate’. (Archive)

Tara Palmeri (August 7, 2013). ABC’s Don Ennis — who went from he to she to he — had bizarre Facebook countdowns and ‘rough month’. (Archive)

Tara Palmeri (August 6, 2013). I’m a guy again! ABC newsman who switched genders wants to switch back. (Archive)

Dawn Stacey Ennis (August 6, 2016). Three Years Later. (Archive)

Joe Coscarelli (MAY 8, 2013). ABC News Producer Comes Out As Transgender. (Archive)

Anna Breslaw (MAY 8, 2013). ABC News Producer Don Ennis Comes Out As Transgender. (Archive)

Advocate Writer Profile: Dawn Ennis

Logo. NEWNOWNEXT Writer Profile: Dawn Ennis

16. SB*Nation Writer Profile: Dawn Ennis

NBCOUT Writer Profile: Dawn Ennis

18. LGBTQ NATION Writer Profile: Dawn Ennis

Documentary: Before Dawn/After Don

YouTube VLogger: Dawn Stacey Ennis

Also known as Dawn Stacey Ennis

Dylan Kohere

Justin Schecker (October 20, 2017). Transgender Student Fights Back Against Trump’s Proposed Military Ban. (Archive)

Susan Miller (October 5, 2017). ROTC student takes on transgender military ban: ‘I still want to fight for my country’. (Archive)

Press Release (September 1, 2017). GLAD, NCLR file new motion for halt to President Trump’s transgender military ban. (Archive)

Fran Fried

Bryant-Jon Anteola (October 17, 2017). She was a notable ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant even before the wildest finish in show history. (Archive)

Susan Dunne (October 16, 2017). CT Transgender Activist To Be On ‘Jeopardy!’. (Archive)

Meredith Guinness (October 16, 2017). CT Radio Host Becomes Third Trans Contestant In ‘Jeopardy!’ History. (Archive)

Jack Kramer (October 11, 2017). CT Resident Competes On ‘Jeopardy!’ In Noteworthy Appearance. (Archive)

Bridgette Brusseau

The Associated Press (December 12, 1985). Jobless Transsexual Claims Discrimination.

Hartford Courant (July 10, 1985). Transsexual Loses Election Campaign.

Previously known as Bobby Brusseau

Also known as Bridgette Poi

Elijah C. Nealy

Elijah C. Nealy (August 9, 2017). Not the Texas I know: The Legislature’s “bathroom bill”. (Archive)

Assistant professor, University of St. Joseph: Elijah C. Nealy (Archive)

Emelia Worth

Barry Lytton (February 3, 2017). Suicide of transgender teen shakes Kent boarding school. (Archive)

Jennifer Smith (February 6, 2017). Priest’s son, 18, kills himself weeks after coming out as transgender at elite Connecticut boarding school. (Archive)

Previously known as Carl Worth

Henry McGregor Sias

Jessica Rosenthal (July 27, 2017). Transgender Service Members to Stay in Military … For Now. (Archive)

Katie Fustich (May 15, 2017). Pennsylvania lawyer who could become FIRST male transgender judge in the US admits that being open about his gender ‘can’t get more awkward’ – but he knows he can’t avoid it. (Archive)

Alex Berg (May 13, 2017). Meet The Man Who Could Be America’s First Openly Trans Male Judge. (Archive)

Cherri Gregg (April 22, 2017). Two Ways Philly Judicial Candidate Hopes His Run For Office Is A Game Changer. (Archive)

Jenice Armstrong (April 12, 2017). Local attorney hopes to become nation’s first male trans judge. (Archive)

Jen Colletta (March 22, 2017). Philly Candidate Seeks To Be Nation’s First Trans Male Judge. (Archive)

Also known as Henry Sias

Dusty Rader

Julie Compton (June 24, 2017). #Pride30: Trans Teacher Dustin Rader Wants to Be Role Model He Never Had. (Archive)

NBC Out #Pride30 List For 2017 (Archive) (Archive)

Dusty Rader (April 16, 2017). Transgender: Allow Us To Be Us. (Archive)

Kathleen Megan (May 22, 2016). Transgender Teacher Steps Out To Students. (Archive)