Shannon Daniels

Stephanie Ebbert, James Vaznis (March 15, 2018). Swampscott won’t renew contract for transgender principal. (Archive) (Archive)

Stephanie Ebbert (February 18, 2018). In Swampscott, parents grapple with transgender issues. (Archive) (Archive)

Previously known as Tom Daniels

Alexandra Chandler

Christianna Silva (January 4, 2018). Meet Alexandra Chandler, The Transgender Military Intelligence Analyst Running For Congress. (Archive)

Mary Louise Kelly (March 5, 2017). Life As A Transgender Intelligence Analyst. (Archive)

Alexandra Chandler February 10, 2017). I serve my country as a transgender woman. I know we can overcome our divisions.. (Archive)

Skylar Kergil

Thekeystonenews (December 26, 2017). Profile: Skylar Kergil, transgender activist sheds light on issues. (Archive)

Rebekah Sager (April 17, 2017). Hollywood rethinks Him and Her. (Archive)

Kathleen Burge (December 29, 2014). A Pioneer In The Transgender Movement, Skylar Kergil Reaches Out Across The Globe Via YouTube. (Archive)

Previously known as Katherine Elizabeth Kergil

Mason Dunn

Christian M. Wade (October 25, 2017). Activists seek new gender option on state IDs. (Archive)

Laura Krantz (August 30, 2017). Transgender students push change on college campuses. (Archive)

Steve Leblanc, The Associated Press (July 8, 2017). Activists mark first anniversary of transgender rights law. (Archive)

Emily Clark (April 1, 2017). First Parish hosts Transgender Day of Visibility Celebration. (Archive)

Kay Lazar (March 28, 2017). Most transgender renters see discrimination. (Archive)

Jacob Geanous (February 24, 2017). Transgender rally draws hundreds to Post Office Square. (Archive)

Susan Spencer (October 6, 2015). Families of transgender children share stories with legislators facing access bil. (Archive)

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition: Mason Dunn (Archive)

Mason Dunn is the executive director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

Rayden Sorock

Michael A. Fuoco (June 1, 2014). Three Individuals Share Their Personal Journey Of Transition. (Archive)

Katelyn Burns

Daniel Summers (September 29, 2017). Too Many Pediatricians Fail Their Trans Patients. Here’s How We Can Change That.. (Archive)

Katelyn Burns (July 9, 2017). What Does It Mean To Feel Like A Woman?. (Archive)

Katelyn Burns (May 26, 2017). Should Gender Dysphoria be a Federally Protected Disability?. (Archive).[1].

Katelyn Burns (May 4, 2017). Texas school officials don’t understand transgender athletes. (Archive)

Katelyn Burns (April 26, 2017). I’m A Transgender Mom, & No One Told Me How Hard It’d Be To Find My Own Style. (Archive)

Katelyn Burns (February 16, 2017). I Was Robbed of My Transgender Childhood. (Archive = Unavailable)

Katelyn Burns (December 3, 2016). No, Female Trans Athletes Do Not Have Unfair Advantages. (Archive)

Katelyn Burns (February 19, 2016). We Are Aggressive Porcupines. (Archive)

Katelyn Burns (January 23, 2016). Being Trans In The Paradox Of Sports. (Archive)

Notable Quote: “I once attempted suicide on my lunch break, before somehow gathering myself and finishing my shift.”.[1].