William Anthony Fly

Tu-Uyen Tran (January 12, 2018). Transgender inmate’s request poses quandary for Cass County, ND, officials. Bemidjipioneer.com (Archive)

Brynner Phoenix Rennecke

GallusMag (October 5, 2017). Transgender Children PREDATOR ALERT: Riley Byerly. Gendertrender.wordpress.com (Archive)

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Garrett Richie (July 21, 2014). For high-risk sex offenders in N.D. there’s a place between prison and freedom. Grandforksherald.com (Archive)

Also known as Riley Lilian Grace Byerly, Riley Byerly

Andi Rostad

Ruth Schneider (September 11, 2017). Capitol Tracker: State could be next to recognize nonbinary on driver’s licenses. Times-standard.com (Archive)

Lauraine Leblanc (June 1, 2017). Humboldt County legally recognizes nonbinary gender. Madriverunion.com (Archive)

Ruth Schneider (May 25, 2017). OUTspoken: Humboldt County resident one of first to be legally nonbinary, the third gender option. Times-standard.com (Archive)

Andi Rostad is believed to be the first person in Humboldt County to be legally considered nonbinary.

Previously known as Andrew

Hason Amin Alford

Carol Robinson (May 27, 2017). Man, 22, indicted in shootings of 2 transgender women, one of whom died. Al.com (Archive)

Carol Robinson (October 07, 2016). Man charged in murder of transgender woman at Birmingham motel. Al.com (Archive)

Carol Robinson (October 05, 2016). Man, 23, charged in shooting, robbery of transgender woman. Al.com (Archive)

Carol Robinson (October 04, 2016). Person of interest jailed, questioned in shooting of transgender woman. Al.com (Archive)

Melanie Posey and Julie Rockett (October 3, 2016). Police investigating whether shootings of 2 transgender women are connected. Wtvm.com (Archive)

Julie Rockett (September 23 2016). UPDATE: Man’s body found at Birmingham motel identified. Wbrc.com (Archive)

Also known as Jazz Alford