Terri Bruce

Jonathan Ellis (October 17, 2017). State of South Dakota sued over transgender health policy. Argusleader.com (Archive)

Scott Gross (February 24, 2017). Local reaction to transgender bathroom policy reversal. Kotatv.com (Archive)

Vincent Villano (February 19, 2016). South Dakota Man to Governor: Don’t Make Transgender Kids Endure What I Did Growing Up. Freedomforallamericans.org (Archive)

Terri Bruce (July 1, 2016). My Voice: Dispelling transgender ‘misinformation’. Argusleader.com (Archive)

Tiffany Tan (January 30, 2016). Stepping forward at crackerbarrel isn’t easy, but is satisfying. Rapidcityjournal.com (Archive)

Huffingtonpost.com/Author/Terri Bruce (Archive)

Lizzy Waite

Kelli Busey (December 3, 2016). Lizzy Waite’s surrogate transgender mom remembers. Planettransgender.com (Archive)

Ben Collins (November 28, 2016). Trump Trolls Cheer Trans Woman’s Suicide Note. Thedailybeast.com (Archive)

Smutley (November 25, 2016). Elizabeth Waite / John Waite Jr.You did this, Rat King. Kiwifarms.net (Archive)

Also known as Elizabeth Waite, John Waite Jr., Lizzy Waites

Isabella Red Cloud

Danielle Ferguson (April 29, 2017). Dozens gather to support trans woman asked to leave mission. Argusleader.com (Archive = unavailable)

Rebecca David (April 28, 2017). Transgender Woman Speaks Out After Being Denied Service At Union Gospel Mission. Kdlt.com (Archive)

Tess Hedrick (April 24, 2017). Transgender woman asked to leave Union Gospel Mission. Ksfy.com (Archive)

Gofundme: Isabella Red Cloud (Archive)

Kendall Balentine

Sandhya Somashekhar (April 28, 2016). For a private woman, joining a public transgender battle changed her life. Washingtonpost.com (Archive)

Gloria Hochman (December 29, 2016). When one spouse changes gender, can the marriage be saved?. Philly.com (Archive)

Involved in founding TransAction South Dakota

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