Samantha A. Coyle

Paul Jenkins (March 17, 2018). On Prop. 1: What we have now is poorly crafted, poorly understood public policy. (Archive)

Devin Kelly (March 15, 2018). Discrimination complaint against downtown Anchorage women’s shelter opens up political front. (Archive)

Complaint: Samantha A. Coyle (Archive)

Also known as Samantha Coyle

Max Brennan

WJZ-TV | CBS Baltimore (March 13, 2018). Md. Court Rules Transgender Student Can Use Restroom Of Choice. (Archive)

John Riley (March 13, 2018). Federal court in Maryland says school district’s restroom policy violates transgender student’s rights. (Archive)

Chris Johnson (March 13, 2018). Judge issues decision favorable to Md. trans student on locker room use. (Archive)

Paul Bray

David Chanen (December 26, 2017). Minnesota Court of Appeals rules a transgender man’s discrimination lawsuit against Starbucks can proceed. (Archive)

Also known as Paul Allen Bray

Amiko-Gabriel Oscar Blue

Casey Parks (May 09, 2017). Oregon may allow drivers to choose nonbinary, rather than male or female, for licenses. (Archive)

Molly Woodstock (February 20, 2017). Male? Female? Jamie Shupe Battles for a Third Option. (Archive)

Vickie Aldous (November 17, 2016). Judge denies request for gender-neutral designation. (Archive)

Vickie Aldous (December 9, 2015). Neither he nor she: Ashland resident fights for neutral-gender designation. (Archive)

Teresa Ristow (December 3, 2011). SOU pushes measures for gender-neutral campus. (Archive)

Julie French (July 19, 2008). SOU student leads charge for gender-neutral acceptance. (Archive)