Deon “Strawberry” Hampton

Isaac Smith, Michael Tarm (January 6, 2018). Transgender Menard inmate seeks rare transfer to female prison. (Archive)

Crimesider Staff, Associated Press (AP). (January 5, 2018). Transgender inmate seeks rare transfer to female prison. (Archive)

Kimberley Green

Steve Doughty (December 27, 2013). Transgender killer who tortured and killed his wife gets legal aid for his fight to wear a WIG in prison after complaining that he looks like a ‘bald drag artiste’. (Archive)[1].

Also known as Craig Hudson

Notable Quote: “The court heard that in prison he does not wear make-up or women’s clothing, even though he has the right to do so.”[1].

Michelle Renee Lamb

Michelle Renee Lamb, A/k/a Thomas Lamb, Plaintiff, V. Joe Norwood, Johnnie Goddard, Paul Corbier, Kansas Department Of Corrections, And Corizon Health Services, Defendants. Case No. 16-3077-efm-djw. United States District Court, D. Kansas. July 6, 2017.[1].

Previously known as Thomas Preston

Notable Quotes: “In December 1969, Thomas Lamb abducted and murdered a young woman named Karen Sue Kemmerly. Shortly thereafter, in January 1970, Thomas Lamb abducted another young woman named Patricia Ann Childs and sought a ransom in exchange for her release. While in Thomas Lamb’s custody, Childs’ hands were bound and on several occasions, she was forced to engage in sexual intercourse with Thomas. Shortly after the ransom was paid and Childs was released, Thomas Lamb was apprehended. Thomas Lamb was convicted of two counts of kidnapping and one count of first degree murder, and is now serving three consecutive life sentences in prison.”

“Thomas was ordered to serve three life sentences so that he would never kill or hurt another woman again. Thomas is now Michelle, but Michelle is still a convicted kidnapper and murderer of women, and the justification for her sentence has not changed.”[1].