Jenny Swift

Harley Tamplin (December 22, 2017). Transgender prisoner found hanging in her cell died as result of ‘misadventure’. (Archive)

Sarah Marshall (December 21, 2017). Transgender woman found hanged in her cell at Doncaster men’s prison died as a result of ‘misadventure’. (Archive)

Josh Parry (December 18, 2017). Transgender woman in men’s prison ‘joined suicide pact’ before she was found hanged. (Archive)

News Staff (January 5, 2017). Transgender woman accused of trying to murder man in knife attack is found hanged in men’s prison. (Archive)

Previously known as Jonathan Swift

Evie Amati (October 5, 2017). Stunning downfall of society shrink Robert Hampshire after alcohol binge lewd phone calls. (Archive)

Candace Sutton (September 1, 2017). Woman accused of attempted 7-Eleven murders ‘wielded axe purposefully’. (Archive)

Harriet Alexander (September 1, 2017). Transgender axe attack accused claims bail necessary for hormone treatment. (Archive)

Stephanie Gardiner (August 29, 2017). Accused 7-Eleven axe attacker Evie Amati opts to go straight to trial. (Archive)

Candace Sutton (August 24, 2017). Transgender woman accused of terrifying axe attack at suburban 7-Eleven ‘in male jail’. (Archive)

Sydney Smith (May 24, 2017). OK to Publish Pre-Transition Name of Transgender Woman, Press Council Says. (Archive) (May 1, 2017). Press Council adjudication. (Archive)

Candace Sutton (April 20, 2017). Evie Amati, accused of the terrifying 7-Eleven axe attack caught on video, faces court. (Archive)

Candace Sutton (March 2, 2017). Evie Amati, accused of terrifying 7-Eleven axe attack caught on video, seeking transfer from maximum security women’s prison. (Archive)

Sydney Smith (January 16, 2017). & Daily Mail Flunk Reporting on Transgender People. (Archive)

Janet Fife-Yeomans (January 15, 2017). Enmore axe attack: Police carpeted over CCTV footage leak. (Archive)

Candace Sutton (January 12, 2017). Evie Amati, accused of terrifying 7-Eleven axe attack caught on video, faces court. (Archive)

Candace Sutton (January 10, 2017). Woman accused of terrifying 7-Eleven axe attack is transgender unionist once known as Karl. (Archive)

Candace Sutton (January 10, 2017). Exclusive: Video of terrifying moment axe-carrying woman attacks two customers in suburban 7-Eleven. (Archive)

Nic White (January 10, 2017). Transgender woman, 24, accused of bludgeoning two innocent people with an axe at a 7-Eleven was born as a boy named Karl – but had a sex change two years ago in Thailand to become Evie. (Archive)

Sarah Crawford (January 9, 2017). Enmore axe attack: Shocking CCTV captures the moment Evie Amati allegedly attacks two customers at 7-Eleven. (Archive)

Previously known as Karl Amati

Kenny “Kiwi” Herring

Willis Ryder Arnold (September 7, 2017). Transgender woman’s death highlights toll of violence and community distrust of police. (Archive)

Kim Bell (August 24, 2017). Squabble over barbecue pit fire led to neighbor’s stabbing, fatal encounter with St. Louis police. (Archive)

David Lohr (August 24, 2017). Transgender Woman Killed By Police Was ‘Harassed And Executed,’ Relative Says. (Archive)

Steve Robson (August 23, 2017). Car ploughs into ‘Trans Lives Matter’ rally in St Louis for woman killed by police. (Archive)

Erin Heffernan (August 23, 2017). Vigil planned for transgender woman killed by St. Louis police after attack on officer. (Archive)

Doyle Murphy (August 22, 2017). Police Kill Transgender Suspect After She Allegedly Slashed Officer. (Archive)

Jacob Long, KSDK (August 22, 2017). Protesters fill CWE after vigil for stabbing suspect killed by police. (Archive)

Notable Quotes: “Responding units located an unidentified male victim, 28, in an apartment unit suffering from severe lacerations to his torso, face and arms.”

“The man, according to police, identified Herring, who by then was located in the apartment unit nextdoor, as the person who attacked him with a large kitchen knife.”

“Police said Herring ignored their repeated commands and swung the knife at them, slicing one of the officers on the arm.”

“That is when they both opened fire, striking Herring multiple times. Herring was pronounced dead on scene.”[1].

Also known as Kenny Herring, Kenneth Herring, Kiwi Herring

Sarah Jane Baker

Mia Harris (July 10, 2017). An insider’s guide to being transgender in prison. (Archive)

Croydon Advertiser, Georgie Keate (August 03, 2013). Would-be murderer to get sex change while serving life sentence. (Archive)

Also known as Sarah Baker, Alan Baker

Pablo Gomez Jr.

Ella Jensen (May 1, 2017). UC Berkeley student facing murder charges deemed mentally competent to stand trial. (Archive)

Adelle Nazarian (April 3, 2017). Gender-Bending Berkeley Murder Suspect Wants to be Referred to as ‘They’. (Archive)

Paul Elias (March 26, 2017). Berkeley killing renews debate over gender pronouns. (Archive)

Gibson Chu (March 20, 2017). Mental competency hearing extended for UC Berkeley student facing murder charges. (Archive)

Seth Hemmelgarn (February 9, 2017). Doctors’ eval ordered for murder defendant. (Archive)

Harry Harris (January 10, 2017). Berkeley homicide victim identified as Lafayette instructor. (Archive)

Alyssa Jeong Perry and Dan Brekke (January 17, 2017). Amid Unanswered Questions, Suspect to Be Arraigned in Berkeley Killing. (Archive)

Charlotte Allen (January 12, 2017). A Murder that Says Everything about California. (Archive)

Emilie Raguso (January 7, 2017). Suspect in custody after Berkeley homicide, stabbing. (Archive)

Zachary Thomas McClimans

Melissa Klaric (November 30, 2016). Hearing for Wal-Mart shooting reveals gender identity choice may have sparked dispute. (Archive)

News Staff (November 11, 2016). Suspect says transgender reaction led to Hermitage Walmart shooting. (Archive)

Sue Kerr (November 8, 2016). Trans Woman Accused of Attempted Homicide in Western Pennsylvania, Misgendered by All Media Outlets. (Archive)

Melissa Klaric (November 4, 2016). Man strikes out at co-worker; Dispute sparked by 22-year-old’s decision to transition to female. (Archive)

Also known as Claire Wolfever

Lauren Jeska

Helen Pidd (March 17, 2017). Jailed transgender fell runner thought UK Athletics was ‘trying to kill her’. (Archive)

Richard (March 14, 2017). Champion fell-runner is jailed for 18 years for trying to stab a UK Athletics official to death after it was revealed she was born a MAN and could lose her titles. (Archive)

Rozina Sabur (March 14, 2017). Champion runner who wanted to compete as a woman jailed for attempted murder over testosterone levels. (Archive)

James Cartledge (March 14, 2017). Transgender runner Lauren Jeska jailed for 18 years for trying to kill UK Athletics boss. (Archive)

Ellie Flynn (March 14, 2017). ATHLETE ATTACKER Transgender fell-runner Lauren Jeska who knifed a British Athletics official in the head and neck jailed for 18 years. (Archive)

Frances Perraudin (September 22, 2016). Champion fell-runner Lauren Jeska admits attempted murder. (Archive)

Lydia Willgress (September 22, 2016). Fell-runner Lauren Jeska tried to kill British athletics official because she feared the body would revoke her titles over transgender status. (Archive)

Previously known as Michael Jeska