Marie Dean

Mark Townsend (January 27, 2018). Transgender woman in male prison ‘nightmare’ on hunger strike. (Archive)

Chris Hopper (May 23, 2009). Cross-dressing Burnley burglar jailed indefinitely. (Archive)

Also known as Gary Dean Marie

Ashley Diamond

John Bailey (January 21, 2018). Transgender woman whose case drew national attention may be headed back to prison. (Archive)

Associated Press (August 29, 2016). Transgender inmate latest to push for hormone treatment. (Archive)

Also known as Ashley Alton Diamond

Deon “Strawberry” Hampton

Isaac Smith, Michael Tarm (January 6, 2018). Transgender Menard inmate seeks rare transfer to female prison. (Archive)

Crimesider Staff, Associated Press (AP). (January 5, 2018). Transgender inmate seeks rare transfer to female prison. (Archive)

Jessica Sunderland

Ellen Yan (October 28, 2017). Transgender vet’s suit against Suffolk to begin in November. (Archive)

Alan Feuer (October 24, 2017). Transgender Inmate Accuses Suffolk County of Unfair Medical Treatment. (Archive)

Previously known as Jeremy Sunderland

Storme Shannon Aerison

Dennis Huspeni (February 12, 2008). Guilty plea ends hermaphrodite’s case. (Archive)[1].

News Staff(May 24, 2007). Storme of the Day. (Archive)

Harrison Fletcher (December 20, 2001). Storme Watch. (Archive)[2].

Harrison Fletcher (August 24, 2000). Storme Warning!. (Archive)

Harrison Fletcher (June 8, 2000). The Broad Was a Fraud. (Archive) (Archive)

Also known as Charles Daugher- ty, Charles Daugherty, Charles James Daugherty, Storme Aerison, Shannon Ireland, Shannon Ireland Trump, Cheyen Weatherly

Notable Quotes:

“According to court testimony, Aerison was born with male and female genitalia and never had sex assignment surgery. She made national news in 1990 when, at age 26, she was arrested for criminal impersonation for enrolling at Coronado High School as a 17-year-old and joining the female cheerleading squad.”[1].

“Aerison was born on June 1, 1964. His father, Leo Daugherty Jr., once told a newspaper that his son was a “perfectly normal” kid who played baseball and hung out with the guys but traded his athletic gear for cheerleading pompoms in high school. Then one Halloween, “he put a dress on.”[2].

Jasmine Goode

Nick Dorman, Jennifer Wiley (September 15, 2013). Sex-swap burglar Jasmine Goode fathered EIGHT kids by FIVE different women, claims ex wife. (Archive)

Jessica Best (August 22, 2013). Convict who had sex change surgery on the NHS while in jail says: ‘I deserved £20k op’. (Archive)[1].

Previously known as Sarah-Jane until age 8, then Darren Goode

Notable Quotes:

“Jasmine, from North Wales, was born “intersex”, with both male and female genitals.”

“The NHS wastes money helping people with cancer, often smokers, even though their condition is terminal and they are going to die, whereas I’ve got lots of years left to live.”[1].