Owen LeBrun

Jonathan Anderson (December 27, 2017). De Pere’s transgender rights ordinance passed, but challenges may be ahead. Greenbaypressgazette.com (Archive)

Rebecca Storozuk

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Also known as Rebecca “Riley” Storozuk

Previously known as Peter John Storozuk

Kristen Haley

Judith Valente (February 11, 2015). Shattering Transgender Stereotypes: Personal Stories Of Transition Pt. 2. Wglt.org (Archive)

Judith Valente (February 10, 2015). Shattering Transgender Stereotypes: Personal Stories Of Transition Pt. 1. Wglt.org (Archive)

Also known as Chris Haley

Aleshia Brevard Crenshaw

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Michael Mutso (May 1, 2001). Trans Mission. Villagevoice.com (Archive)

Previously known as Alfred Brevard “Buddy” Crenshaw, Lee Shaw, Aleshia Brevard

Marilyn Elizabeth Margaret Robichaux

Holly Duchmann (June 10, 2017). Transgender teenager finds community support. Dailycomet.com (Archive)

Emmett Claren

Abe Hawken (April 26, 2017). Heart-rending moment a transgender man overcomes his nerves to ask a girl to the prom with a beautiful serenade of ‘Hallelujah’ on the piano. Dailymail.co.uk (Archive)