Alex Myers

Alexander LaCasse (January 7, 2018). Transgender people seek equal protections in NH. (Archive)

Alex S. Myers (May 24, 2017). Hiding In Plain Sight. (Archive) (Archive)

Gabrielle Emanuel (May 3, 2017). Elite Prep Schools Experiment With ‘All-Gender’ Dorms. (Archive)

Megan Reynolds (May 3, 2017). Two of the Nation’s Most Prestigious Boarding Schools Will Offer Gender-Neutral Dorms. (Archive)

Previously known as Alice

Sterling Crutcher

Marie Waxel (January 5, 2018). BAFB airman shares his journey of acceptance as ban on transgenders in military is lifted.

Crystal Bell (August 27, 2017). Trans Soldiers Make A Statement At The VMAs: ‘It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are’. (Archive)

Char Adams (August 27, 2017). Transgender Service Members Walk MTV VMAs Red Carpet as Trump Moves Forward with Military Ban. (Archive)

Patrick Crowley (August 27, 2017). Meet 6 Trans Military Members Walking MTV VMAs Red Carpet: Exclusive. (Archive)

Gwendolyn Ducre (August 4, 2017). Transgender airman’s Facebook post goes viral. (Archive)

Also known as Sterling James Crutcher

Issa Ismail

Alysa Zavala-Offman (January 3, 2018). A metro Detroit transgender man is the subject of a new documentary. (Archive)

Liv Martin (October 12, 2016). Metamorphosis, How Alia Ismail became Issa Ismail. (Archive)

Previously known as Alia Ismail

Nicholas Bade

Dominic Holden (January 4, 2018). This Man Was Just Told He Can’t Enlist In The Military Because He’s Transgender. (Archive)

Dominic Holden (January 3, 2018). Transgender Americans Say They’re Finally Starting To Apply To The Military This Week. (Archive)

Jahkee Wade

Victor Fiorillo (January 3, 2018). Transgender Man Sues Philly IHOP for Sexual Harassment. (Archive)

Kyson Cutler

Anton Rose (January 1, 2018). Why gender surgery will change young man’s life. (Archive)