Noor Jontry

Walt Heyer (December 14, 2017). This Formerly Trans 14-Year-Old Has A Message For Questioning Kids. (Archive)

Brie Jontry, Noor Jontry (November 7, 2017). It’s not conversion therapy to learn to love your body: A teen desister tells her story. (Archive)

Carey Callahan

Peter LaBarbera (October 5, 2017). LGBT lobby wants to ban sex-change reversal research. Here’s why.. (Archive)

Katie Herzog (August 30, 2017). Philly Trans Health Conference Cancels Sessions on Detransitioning. (Archive)

Staff Reports (August 28, 2017). No Platformed!. (Archive)

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Tyler O’Neil (August 21, 2016). Real-Life Victims of the Transgender ‘Cult’. (Archive)

Personal Website: Crashchaoscats

Also known as Crash Chaos Cats

Tyler Ford

Maura Brannigan (October 3, 2017). Condé Nast To Launch New Lgbtq-focused Media Platform, ‘Them’. (Archive)

Hannah Orenstein (July 13, 2017). People Are Blasting Vogue for Featuring Gigi Hadid and Zayn in Their Story About Gender Fluidity. (Archive) (Archive)

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Sarah Childress (June 30, 2015). “I Like to Exist as a Person”: What It Means to Live Beyond Gender. (Archive)

Nick Sortal (June 5, 2012). Transgender Boca Raton man among 14 vying for ‘Glee’. (Archive)

Previously known as Brittany Ford


As told to Moya Sarner (February 3, 2017). Experience: I regret transitioning. (Archive)[1].

Notable Quote: “Reflecting on the difference in how I was treated when people saw me as a man, I realised other women were also held back by this. I had assumed the problem was in my body. Now I saw that it wasn’t being female that was stopping me from being myself; it was society’s perpetual oppression of women. Once I realised this, I gradually came to the conclusion that I had to detransition.”[1].

Nevo Zisin

Mark Kearney (September 11, 2017). Transgender rights activist Nevo Zisin in Bendigo to talk diversity, Safe Schools and marriage equality. (Archive)

Benjamin Law (September 9, 2017). Why do transgender children raise the hackles of ‘tolerant’ Australians?. (Archive)

Meka Beresford (June 21, 2017). Non-binary person hits out at a men’s rights activist over male privilege. (Archive)

Nevo Zisin (May 7, 2017). ‘I became a man’: How Nevo Zisin transitioned from female to male to find identity as a teenager. (Archive)

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Lane Sainty (May 6, 2017). This Non-Binary Writer Is Sick Of Those “Girl Became A Boy!” Stories. (Archive)

Damien Leonhardt

Rafaella Gunz (August 20, 2017). Damien Leonhardt was once the subject of a viral video, now they’re trans and proud. (Archive)

Previously known as ‘Jessi Slaughter

KathyGrace Duncan

Stephanie Velez (August 16, 2017). Christian woman was happy living as transgender man until she heard a Bible study on 1 Corinthians 6:19. (Archive)

Brandon Showalter (August 12, 2017). Former Transgender Man Shares How She Transitioned, Then De-Transitioned. Page 1 (Archive) Page 2 (Archive)

Previously known as Keith


Fr. Mark Hodges (August 10, 2017). Former transgender: ‘I bought into the lies of Satan’. (Archive)

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Jordyn Dyck

Stephanie Taylor (July 10, 2017). Sask. parents push province to erase gender from birth certificates. (Archive)

David Baxter (July 7, 2017). Sask. families of transgender and gender fluid youth trying to change ID rules. (Archive)

Kendall Latimer (May 13, 2017). ‘I wanted to die’: Gender diverse teen talks self-harm and support after bullying. (Archive)

Amiko-Gabriel Oscar Blue

Casey Parks (May 09, 2017). Oregon may allow drivers to choose nonbinary, rather than male or female, for licenses. (Archive)

Molly Woodstock (February 20, 2017). Male? Female? Jamie Shupe Battles for a Third Option. (Archive)

Vickie Aldous (November 17, 2016). Judge denies request for gender-neutral designation. (Archive)

Vickie Aldous (December 9, 2015). Neither he nor she: Ashland resident fights for neutral-gender designation. (Archive)

Teresa Ristow (December 3, 2011). SOU pushes measures for gender-neutral campus. (Archive)

Julie French (July 19, 2008). SOU student leads charge for gender-neutral acceptance. (Archive)