Nova Maday

Steve Schmadeke (January 25, 2018). Transgender student who sued Palatine school district over locker room access loses round in court. (Archive)

Jesse Thompson

Donna Spencer, The Canadian Press (September 26, 2017). Ont. minor hockey makes transgender training mandatory for coaches. (Archive)

CBC News (July 4, 2017). Windsor minor hockey embracing new course on gender identity sensitivity training. (Archive)

Jesse Vroegh

Fr. Mark Hodges (September 5, 2017). ‘Transgender’ prison nurse sues Iowa for right to use men’s showers. (Archive)

Courtney Crowder (August 28, 2017). Transgender nurse sues state for alleged discrimination. (Archive)

Jessica Smalley

Courtney Crowder (August 28, 2017). Transgender nurse sues state for alleged discrimination. (Archive)

Jason Clayworth (October 27, 2013). Restroom battles emerge in transgender rights cases. (Archive)

Previously known as James Steward Smalley

A.T. Furuya

Marianne Kushi (July 18, 2017). California Could Be in Line for Gender-Neutral Identification. (Archive)

Timothy Rawles (April 15, 2017). SDPD trans officer called a ‘pig’ at awards ceremony by trans activists. (Archive) (Center Staff Archive)

Melody Gutierrez (February 28, 2017). New state law makes single-stall bathrooms open to all genders. (Archive)

Grecia Aguilar (February 10, 2017). San Diegan third in nation to change gender to “nonbinary”. (Archive)

Transgender Law Center (February 10, 2017). CA court issues nonbinary gender change to Transgender Law Center client. (Archive)

Gary Warth (March 10, 2015). Transgender student claims harassment. (Archive)

Camille Lozano (October 23, 2014). Toilet Event Advocates For Gender-Neutral Bathrooms. (Archive)

Also spelled as a.t. furya

Jessica Hawkins

Lou Chibbaro Jr. (July 11, 2017). D.C., Rehoboth officials misgender trans women. (Archive)

Rachel Kurzius (July 6, 2017). Trans Pool Party Attendees, Including MPD Sergeant, Were Misgendered At Public Pool. (Archive)

Lou Chibbaro Jr. (March 10, 2015). Trans woman named head of D.C. gay police unit. (Archive)

Jennifer Donelan (May 8, 2014). Transgender D.C. Police Sgt. Jessica Hawkins opens up about transition. (Archive)

Gabriela Saldivia (October 6, 2016). For D.C.’s LGBT Community, A Police Liaison Who Can Relate. (Archive)

Daniel Trotta (October 20, 2016). ‘Walking while trans’ can be a death sentence in the U.S.. (Archive)

Lou Chibbaro Jr. (December 9, 2016). LGBT police liaison supervisor cited for misconduct. (Archive) Staff (December 9, 2016). FOX 5 uncovers disturbing info about DC police Sergeant Jessica Hawkins. (Archive)

Lou Chibbaro Jr. (November 17, 2015). Armed trans woman arrested after 10-hour D.C. standoff. (Archive)

Jessica Hawkins is the head of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) liaison unit

Kristina Hernandez

Amelia Pak-Harvey (July 1, 2017). Clark County School District drafts ‘gender diverse’ policy. (Archive)

Adelaide Karen Kramer

Milo Yiannopoulos (December 14, 2016). FULL TEXT: MILO on ‘Master Baiters: The Leftists Keeping America’s Race War Alive’. (Archive)

Karen Herzog (December 14, 2016). Breitbart writer targets transgender UWM student. (Archive)

Nicole Frechette, Luis De Leon, Keaton Walkowski, Jenna Daroszewski and Kaliice Walker (December 14, 2016). Transgender Student Tells UW-Milwaukee Chancellor to “F” Off After Yiannopoulos Speech. (Archive)

Mary Jo Contino (December 9, 2016). TRANSparency: ‘Awful’ UW-Milwaukee Transgender Locker Room Policy Remains Under Wraps. (Archive)

Casey Geraldo (May 3, 2016). Transgender UWM student says she’s been discriminated against on campus. (Archive)

Also known as Justine Kramer, Adelaide Kramer