Joshua M. Ferguson

Victoria Ahearn (December 13, 2017). CBC pulls Transgender Kids doc from schedule after complaints. (Archive)

Dario Balca (October 26, 2017). Vancouverite files human rights complaint over denied ‘X’ gender designation on ID. (Archive)

Joshua M. Ferguson (October 24, 2017). I’ll Keep Fighting Until I’m Legally Recognized As A Non-Binary Canadian. (Archive)

Charmaine de Silva, Simon Little (September 29, 2017). B.C. wants to ‘get it right’ on gender-neutral IDs, but it’s not rushing: health minister. (Archive)

Kyle Benning (September 29, 2017). B.C. government still wants male or female designation on BC Health Card and driver’s licence. (Archive)

Lauren Pelley (September 28, 2017). Filmmaker filing human rights application over delayed non-binary Ontario birth certificate. (Archive)

David P. Ball (September 28, 2017). ‘Shocking and shameful’: B.C. government denies non-binary gender ID request. (Archive)

Kendra Mangione (August 31, 2017). ‘Glimpse of hope’: Vancouver advocate approved for ‘X’ gender observation on passport. (Archive)

David P. Ball (August 31, 2017). ‘Monumental’: B.C. non-binary filmmaker wins ‘X’ gender ID on passport. (Archive)

Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press (August 25, 2017). Activists praise feds’ move to bring in gender-neutral passports. (Archive)

Peter Zimonjic, Bonnie Allen, CBC (August 24, 2017). Transgender Canadians will soon be able to choose ‘X’ as gender on their passports. (Archive)

David P. Ball (August 23, 2017). ‘Non-Binary’ filmmaker seeks ‘X’ gender on B.C. ID. (Archive)

Dario Balca (August 22, 2017). Vancouverite applies for ‘X’ gender designation on government ID. (Archive)

Emily Lazatin (August 21, 2017). Vancouver resident applies for non-binary gender designation of ‘X’ on BC Health Card and driver’s license. (Archive)

Joshua Ferguson (August 10, 2017). “We Should No Longer Be Erased”. (Archive)

Sarah Reid (July 25, 2017). Does it really matter if sex disappears from Ontario birth certificates?. (Archive)

Lauren Strapagiel (July 11, 2017). These Canadians Are Fighting To Get Nonbinary Birth Certificates. (Archive)

Andrea Janus (June 30, 2017). Ontario puts off writer’s quest for a non-binary birth certificate. (Archive)

Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press (June 1, 2017). Awards shows tackle gender variance issues over ‘male’ and ‘female’ categories. (Archive)

Jessica Smith Cross, The Canadian Press (May 18, 2017). Gender-neutral birth certificates could be issued in Ontario by 2018. (Archive)

Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press (May 15, 2017). Ontario-born filmmaker applies for non-binary birth certificate. (Archive)

Kate McGillivray (May 12, 2017). As non-binary filmmaker prepares to apply, Ontario says they are ‘developing’ gender neutral birth certificate. (Archive)

Postmedia Network (May 11, 2017). Male or female at birth? Canadian seeks ‘non-binary’ option on birth certificate. (Archive)

Joshua M. Ferguson (May 11, 2017). Why I’m Applying for a Non-Binary Sex Designation on my Canadian Birth Certificate. (Archive)

Lauren Pelley (May 11, 2017). Not a man, not a woman: Why this writer wants a non-binary Ontario birth certificate. (Archive)

Joshua M. Ferguson (March 31, 2017). I Imagine A Time When You See Me. (Archive)

Also known as Joshua Ferguson

Lawrence Rothman

Sasha Geffen (October 11, 2017). Lawrence Rothman on Being Gender Fluid: “Why Do You Have to Check a Box That’s Male or Female?”. (Archive)

Tyler Ford

Maura Brannigan (October 3, 2017). Condé Nast To Launch New Lgbtq-focused Media Platform, ‘Them’. (Archive)

Hannah Orenstein (July 13, 2017). People Are Blasting Vogue for Featuring Gigi Hadid and Zayn in Their Story About Gender Fluidity. (Archive) (Archive)

Vera Papisova (March 14, 2016). Tyler Ford Is the Transgender Writer All Your Favorite Celebs Are Obsessed With. (Archive)

Sarah Childress (June 30, 2015). “I Like to Exist as a Person”: What It Means to Live Beyond Gender. (Archive)

Nick Sortal (June 5, 2012). Transgender Boca Raton man among 14 vying for ‘Glee’. (Archive)

Previously known as Brittany Ford

Thain Parnell

Thain Parnell (August 5, 2017). Transition is no casual matter, and we need to talk about those who regret it. (Archive)

CN Lester

Meghan Murphy (July 28, 2017). Special millennials are so special (please tell me I’m special). (Archive)

Katie Grant (June 23, 2017). ‘Every fascist movement needs scapegoats – transgender people are the perfect target’. (Archive)

Sarah Ditum (May 29, 2017). Can the media focus on transgender politics reveal anything larger about identity?. (Archive)

Lee Williscroft-Ferris (March 23, 2012). Interview: CN Lester (Part 2). (Archive)

Kaite Welsh (June 18, 2010). Love: Sacred and Profane. (Archive)

Also known as C.N Lester, C N Lester

David Vance

Andrew Bowen (July 3, 2017). Neither Male Nor Female: ‘Nonbinary’ People See Hope In California Bill. (Archive) (Archive)

David Vance is the PrEP coodinator at The Center in San Diego, California.

Isaac Gotterer

Jim Buzinski (May 31, 2017). Mom of genderqueer teen writes touching email to college student about photo shoot. (Archive)

Jim Buzinski (May 23, 2017). Former soccer captain turns heads lifting weights with high-femme photo shoot in college gym. (Archive)

Amiko-Gabriel Oscar Blue

Casey Parks (May 09, 2017). Oregon may allow drivers to choose nonbinary, rather than male or female, for licenses. (Archive)

Molly Woodstock (February 20, 2017). Male? Female? Jamie Shupe Battles for a Third Option. (Archive)

Vickie Aldous (November 17, 2016). Judge denies request for gender-neutral designation. (Archive)

Vickie Aldous (December 9, 2015). Neither he nor she: Ashland resident fights for neutral-gender designation. (Archive)

Teresa Ristow (December 3, 2011). SOU pushes measures for gender-neutral campus. (Archive)

Julie French (July 19, 2008). SOU student leads charge for gender-neutral acceptance. (Archive)