Sara Horowitz

Sara Horowitz, As Told To Martha Sorren (December 11, 2014). “Realizing I Was A Girl Trapped In A Boy’s Body Wasn’t Nearly As Hard As Explaining That To My Identical Twin”. (Archive)

Previously known as Seth Horowitz

Delyth Imara French

Owen Evans (October 9, 2017). Transgender woman who claims she was mocked by garage staff gets apology…addressing her as a man. (Archive)

Amelia Shaw (September 19, 2017). Transgender woman claims petrol station worker ‘laughed and sniggered’ at her appearance. (Archive)

Previously known as Ashley

Jennifer Sims

Vera Bergengruen (September 18, 2017). Pentagon Delay On Transgender Ban Really Only Makes Things Worse, Troops Say. (Archive)

Julie Watson, Jennifer McDermott (August 25, 2017). Transgender troops call ban step backward for civil rights. (Archive)

Brent Bozell (August 2, 2017). One-Note Droning on the Transgender Ban. (Archive)

Julie Watson, Christoph Noelting, Associated Press (July 31, 2017). Transgender soldier fears life setback after Trump’s tweet. Transgender soldier fears life setback after Trump’s tweet. (Archive)

Julie Watson, Christoph Noelting, Associated Press (July 31, 2017). ‘I Am Transgender’: A US Soldier Shares Personal Journey. (Archive)

Jennifer Sims (July 27, 2017). I Am a Transgender Female Captain in the U.S. Army. (Archive)

Previously known as Jonathan Sims

Donna Perry

Thomas Clouse (July 24, 2017). Serial killer Donna Perry sentenced to life without parole. (Archive)

Brad Hunter (July 1, 2017). Transgender serial killer was jealous. (Archive)

Snejana Farberov (June 30, 2017). Transgender woman, 65, who murdered three prostitutes because she was ‘jealous they could have children’ is found guilty of the slayings 17 years after she had gender reassignment surgery so she ‘wouldn’t get caught’. (Archive)

Jonathan Glover (June 29, 2017). Jury convicts Donna Perry of serial killings. (Archive)

CBS/AP (June 29, 2017). Transgender woman convicted for slayings of 3 women who worked as prostitutes. (Archive)

The Associated Press (June 29, 2017). Transgender Woman Convicted of 3 Murders in Spokane Area. (Archive)

The Associated Press (June 28, 2017). Jury Deciding Fate of Transgender Woman Charged With Murder. (Archive)

Lindsay Nadrich (June 27, 2017). Jury deliberates in transgender woman’s murder trial. (Archive)

Lindsay Nadrich (June 27, 2017). Closing arguments begin for transgender woman’s murder trial. (Archive)

Jonathan Glover (June 27, 2017). Defense rests in triple-murder trial of Donna Perry after calling no witnesses. (Archive)

Thomas Clouse (June 23, 2017). Cellmate of transgender murder suspect says Donna Perry claimed to have killed dozens. (Archive)

Thomas Clouse (June 21, 2017). Perry trial dominated by 2012 interrogation where transgender suspect denied killing prostitutes. (Archive)

Thomas Clouse (June 20, 2017). Attorneys reach evidence in Perry trial that led to charging the transgender woman with murder. (Archive)

Lindsay Nadrich (June 9, 2017). Transgender woman’s trial for murder of 3 prostitutes in 1990s begins. (Archive)

The Associated Press (June 6, 2017). Trial scheduled for transgender woman charged in 3 slayings. (Archive)

Staff, KREM (April 25, 2017). Accused transgender serial killer’s motion to enter new evidence denied. (Archive)

Susan Donaldson James (March 19, 2014). Transgender Defense: ‘Donna’ Says ‘Doug’ Is the Spokane Serial Killer. (Archive)

Also known as Donna R. Perry

Previously known as Douglas R. Perry

Siobhan Atwell

Jessica Mahler (April 8, 2016). Meet the New Transgender Model Who’s About to Take Over the Industry. (Archive)