Paxton Enstad

Alison Grande, Ashli Blow (October 5, 2017). Transgender teen’s family claims employer denied his medical coverage, files lawsuit. (Archive)

Ana Sofia Knauf (October 5, 2017). WA ACLU Sues Catholic Health Group for Discriminating Against Transgender Teen. (Archive)

Gene Johnson, Associated Press (October 5, 2017). ACLU sues PeaceHealth, says it didn’t cover transgender care. (Archive) (Archive)

Jelanii Kabita

Princess-India Alexander (June 8, 2017). Meet Jelanii Kabita, a transgender man who dances to be free. (Archive)

Jelanii Kabita is the leader and founder of the Raiders of Concrete.

Ryan Otto Cassata

Meredith Talusan (March 13, 2016). This Trans Singer Isn’t Taking Hormones — But That Doesn’t Make Him Less Of A Man. (Archive)

Eva Barragan (April 14, 2015). Trans Activist Uses Music And Life Story To Educate Public. (Archive)

Patrick McCarthy (November 14, 2012). EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Ryan Cassata. (Archive)

Also known as Ryan Cassata

Zoe J. Dolan

Zoe Dolan (March 7, 2016). Are Transsexuals Transgender?. (Archive)

Benjamin Weiser (February 21, 2014). Terror Case Has Lawyer With Several Distinctions. (Archive)

Red Shoe Movement (Date Unknown). Zoe Dolan, Trial Lawyer in New York City. (Archive)

The Huffington Post: Zoe Dolan (Archive)