Rhiannon Carlson

Hayley Fixler (August 24, 2017). Local transgender veteran reacts to the proposed military changes. Abc57.com (Archive)

Tom Powell (January 28, 2016). Veteran who grew up in Elkhart urges lawmakers to protect Transgender Hoosiers. Fox28.com (Archive)

Zach Osowski (January 27, 2016). Senate committee advances gay civil rights bill; legislation excludes transgender protections. Courierpress.com (Archive)

Natalie Keeton

Chelsea Copeland (August 16, 2017). Living transgender in a red state. Reddirtreport.com (Archive)[1].

Notable Quote: “I don’t go into women’s restrooms as I don’t “pass”, and if you don’t pass in this state there’s a heavy stigma that you’re probably trying to creep on children in a bathroom.”[1].